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Marissa Mayer earned approximately 300 million US dollars during her time at Google and could earn another 200 million dollars (or more) at Yahoo. If Yahoo changes ownership while she is the CEO, Mayer will reportedly earn a 150 million US dollar severance package.

India's richest pharmaceutical tycoon Dilip Shanghvi's current net worth is about 15.8 Billion USD. His net worth has dropped by $1.1 billion due to  drop in shares of his Sun Pharmaceutical Industries in 2015-2016.

U2's Bono Net Worth

  • Updated: 14/08/2016

How Much is U2’s Bono Net Worth?

Sir Paul Hewson, also known as by his stage name Bono, he is the leading singer of the extreamly famous rock group named U2. Bono has made a fortune with his band U2 and also as the brand ambassador of Louis Vuitton and Facebook.

J.K. Rowling's Net Worth

  • Updated: 14/07/2016

Wonder how much rich is JK Rowling?What is JK Rowling's net worth so far? Its all here! Full name Joanne Kathleen Rowling has advanced from living on state benefits to a multimillionaire standing in just 5 years.

Shahrukh Khan Net Worth

  • Updated: 14/07/2016

Shah Rukh Khan has well earned his title of being The King Khan of Bollywood. His award winning streaks, indomitable spirit and signature moves has made him the second richest Indian actor worldwide.

Calvin Harris Net Worth

  • Updated: 14/07/2016

Wonder How much is DJ Calvin Harris net worth? Well, his estimated net worth is $110 Million (as of 2017). He is 30th richest British millionaire in music happens to be Calvin Harris. According to Forbes, the king of all DJ’s is the 21st highest paid celebrity. It isn’t just his music that has been topping the charts, but also his income. In 2013 he earned 46 million US dollars from his songs, tours and Las Vegas residency.

Alex Rodriguez Net Worth

  • Updated: 07/03/2016

Alexander Emmanuel Rodriguez aka Alex Rodriguez estimated Net Worth is $400 Million (as of 2017). He is a professional American Baseball player and actor too.

The highly scrutinized figure of today’s face of baseball is Alex Rodriguez or A-Rod as he’s popularly known. One of the reasons as to why he faces scrutiny at such a high level is the 162 day game suspension,

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