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James Franco, regarded as one of the most versatile and talented actors of Hollywood, James Franco has also achieved fame after donning the hat of filmmaker and author. Born in Palo Alto, California.

Check out Billionaires Top 10 most expensive Mansions or Homes in the world. These mansions are very luxurious and very much beyond to Imagination too.

Mark Zuckerberg Net Worth

  • Updated: 16/08/2016

Social networking site Facebook, owes its existence because of Mark Zuckerberg, who is the chief executive and president of Facebook. He runs this network of more than a Billion friends. From births, deaths, breakups, share photos and videos, this site seems to be what keeps us all connected.

Marissa Mayer earned approximately 300 million US dollars during her time at Google and could earn another 200 million dollars (or more) at Yahoo. If Yahoo changes ownership while she is the CEO, Mayer will reportedly earn a 150 million US dollar severance package.

India's richest pharmaceutical tycoon Dilip Shanghvi's current net worth is about 15.8 Billion USD. His net worth has dropped by $1.1 billion due to  drop in shares of his Sun Pharmaceutical Industries in 2015-2016.

U2's Bono Net Worth

  • Updated: 15/08/2016

How Much is U2’s Bono Net Worth?

Sir Paul Hewson, also known as by his stage name Bono, he is the leading singer of the extreamly famous rock group named U2. Bono has made a fortune with his band U2 and also as the brand ambassador of Louis Vuitton and Facebook.

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