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Real estate developer Mohamed Hadid estimated net worth is $205 Million (as of 2017.) Mohamed Hadid Known for his lavish real estate properties and luxury hotel chains, Mohamed Anwar Hadid is one real estate developer with Jordanian-American origin. Most of his property is located in the city of Los Angeles I.E. Bel Air neighborhood and Beverly Hills regions.


What is Mohamed Hadid net worth?  + Biography 2017

As we discussed before that Mohamed Hadid worth is about $205 Million, but how he achieved it? you will know in rest of the article. Right now, just begin from the beginning of Mohamed Hadid’s journey.   


Where was Mohamed Hadid born?

Mohamed Hadid was Born in Nazareth, Israel  on 6 November 1948, he is the son of Anwar Hadid and Khairiah. After his birth, Hadid’s family immigrated to the USA. This led to difficulty in growing up since the family was among the few immigrants in the area and in his school days, Hadid felt the isolation.


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Full Name – Mohamed Hadid

D.O.B. - 6 November 1948 (age 69)

Birth Place - Nazareth, Israel

  Education - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Spouses - Yolanda Hadid (m. 1994–2000),
     Mary Butler (m. ?–1992)

  Children - (5) Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid, Anwar Hadid,
Alana Hadid, Marielle Hadid

Nationality - Jordan & United States

Residence - Bel-Air, Los Angeles, California, US

Wealth Resource - Real Estate Developer

Net Worth - 205 Million US Dollars


Mohamed Anwar Hadid early career

As you know that Mohamed Anwar Hadid wealth is about $205 million so far, but how his success journey was started? So, first thing first. He studied at Massachusetts Institute of Technology after doing his stint at North Carolina State University.  Hadid started his career restoring and reselling vintage cars in Washington’s Georgetown neighborhood and initially his interest was in art.

Later he shifted to Greece, where he started a nightclub and this proved to be profitable. With this money, he got into real estate development in the USA. Since then, there was no looking back for him. It was in the 1980s that he bought the chain of Ritz-Carlton hotels for an estimated US$150 million deal.

He achieved widespread fame after developing a mansion in Bel air, LA named Le Belvedere. After selling it in 2012 for approx $58 million he set up The Crescent Palace, a lavish property in 48,000-square-foot. He got mired into some legal issues after developing these properties, but that could not deter him.

Naturally, after reaching the acme of success in real estate sector, it is no wonder that the net worth of Mohamed Hadid had reached $205 million.


Mohamed Hadid’s Stint on TV

Mohamed Hadid is among the most successful and famous entrepreneurs who made a transition from art to real estate sector and hit the bull’s eye. However, he also dabbled with TV industry for a while and this only made him more famous.

He was seen in the popular TV show The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, in which he played the ex-spouse of Yolanda Hadid. Apart from that, he was also seen in Shahs on Sunset.





Mohamed Hadid Major Assets

Mohamed Hadid became famous mostly because of the stunning mansions he built and Ritz Carlton  chain of hotels. He also have some lavish properties in United States and Jordan, but 2 of them are most important among those. Have a look!


Mohamed Hadid Homes

#1. Bel-Air home (Le Belvedere)

mohamad hadid bel Air home


The Bel Air mansion made by Hadid is also considered a marvel of real estate development. Priced at approx $85 million, the lavish property comprises of 14 bathrooms, ten bedrooms and spans over an area of 40,000 square feet.


Bel Air home 1  Bel Air home 2 
 Bel Air home 3  Bel Air home 4


There is a huge ballroom in it along with joint dining room and winery. The staircase, fireplaces and swimming pool on the property are quite beautiful.


#2. The Crescent Palace

The Crescent Palace


Located in California’s posh Beverly Hills region, this sprawling mansion made headlines right from the times of its construction. This gorgeous 48,000 square foot mansion made mostly of limestone also has Iranian marble.


The Crescent Palace 1  The Crescent Palace 2 
 The Crescent Palace 3  The Crescent Palace 4


It has 11 bathrooms and 7 bedrooms. It also has a large art gallery and reception hall. The chandelier-bedecked balcony on its 3rd floor is enticing as is the master suite. There is a beautiful rooftop garden as well.


Mohamed Hadid Cars Collection

Since, we are discussing his famous properties, Hadid has one 3-wheeled Morgan in his garage and he loves to travel by it. Seems, he loves reliving the last years.



We are sure that he must be housing few more coupes in his garage but this one definitely steals the show. It is equipped with twin rocket engine which can shoot the wagon up-to 60 miles/hr in just 4.5 seconds.


Top 8 facts about Mohamed Hadid

  • He is a pilot.
  • He is a paint artist
  • He supports Vanderpump Dog Foundation
  • He is also a trustee in the Vision of Children Foundation.
  • He is a follower of Dalai Lama
  • He does not follow his religion but he never drinks, though he has a 500 different wines in his wine cellar.
  • He has a dual citizenship of United States and Jordan.
  • He participated in Winter Olympics of 1992, where he represented Jordan in speed skiing and that too at the age of 43.



Conclusion about net worth of Mohamed Hadid:

This is all we could offer you about Mihammad Hadid. His life has been an inspiration to many as he is a person who rose from the war struck scenario of Palestine and now stands at the pinnacle of world real estate business. Now, may be you are satisfied with the provided information. In case, if you are still looking for some more information about Mohamed Hadid worth, assets or anything else.

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