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Looking for Mukesh Ambani net worth? How rich is he? How much is Mukesh Ambani net worth in Indian Rupee or Currency (INR)? And more than that how he managed to achieve that much fortune? Here you will find all the answers with Mukesh Ambani’s biography.

In fact, there are people in this world who are born with a silver spoon but then, going on to acquire the Midas touch by themselves is a completely different aspect. They are those personalities who grab the bull by its horns and go on to attain that flair.

At this moment, the man we are going to talk about, the one who has brought a revolution in the Indian telecom world. In our series of the richest, we shall give you the man who has achieved unprecedented success over the years. The biggest business magnate of India, Mr. Mukesh Ambani.



Mukesh Ambani Net Worth + Biography

Mr. Mukesh Ambani stands as the richest person in India and 36th richest in the world with a cumulative net worth of more than $25.4 Billion (as of 2017). Such a colossal amount is the testament to the hard work put behind it.

He is a man whose habit is victory and he is a winner at whatever he does. Given his exceptional managerial abilities, Mr. Ambani has completely changed the face of the Reliance Industries. Take a look at his short biography.


 mukesh ambani net worth biography networthm

Name - Mukesh Ambani

D.O.B. - 19th April, 1957

Place of Birth - Aden, Yemen

Nationality - Indian

Profession - Business Magnate, MD of Reliance Industries Limited

Father - Dhirubhai Ambani

Mother - Kokilaben Ambani

Spouse - Nita Ambani (m. 1985)

Children - 1 daughter (Isha Ambani), 2 sons Akash & Anant Ambani

Net Worth - $25.4 Billion (16,631,437,40000.00 Indian Rupee [INR])


Mukesh Ambani Early Career and Success Story

It all started for Mukesh Ambani in 1980, when his father Late Mr. Dhirubhai Ambani got a license to set up a polyester filament yarn plant. Mukesh Ambani was doing his MBA from Stanford University at that time. He walked out of the course to help his father in setting up Reliance Industries. During those times, Tatas and the Birlas were very big players, and Reliance was relatively a very small scale firm.

Then, Mukesh Ambani launched the Reliance Infocomm Limited which is now Reliance Communications Ltd.

Mukesh Ambani is Bachelors holder in Chemical Engg and this served as an inspiration for the launch of the petroleum refinery at Jamnagar. It is now one of the world’s largest refineries. This proved to be a masterstroke as today, Reliance stands as the undisputed champion in the field of communication and petrochemicals, both.

Recently, Mukesh Ambani created hysteria in whole India, when he launched Jio 4G services at very nominal rates (it was free in starting). It is said that around $14-15 Billion (more than 85,000 crore INR) was invested for this mega venture.



Breakdown of Mukesh Ambani Net Worth (in Indian Rupee [INR] too)

Well, with a cumulative net worth of approx. $25.4 Billion which is (16,631,437,40000.00 Indian Rupee [INR]) (as of 2017) Mukesh Ambani stands #1 richest person in India, world’s 38th most powerful man and 36th richest in the world.


What are the sources of Mukesh Ambani’s wealth?

When we say that Mr. Mukesh Ambani is the Managing Director and the largest stakeholder at Reliance Industries Limited, then it’s very much understood as to how Mr. Ambani has gone on to own such a fortune.

The brand Reliance of course is a very big one, but many of you might not be knowing that Reliance is a major player in the petrochemical and the gas sector. And these are the sectors from which Reliance generates such a large income. Moreover, Reliance has its Reliance Retail subsidiaries too. Reliance Industries generate revenue of more than $45 Billion every year. So, you can well imagine the scale of the tasks carried out behind these numbers.

Adding to the income is the revenue generated from IPL. Mr. Mukesh Ambani is also the owner of IPL Franchisee Mumbai Indians.


What are the Assets of Mukesh Ambani?

Well, you can imagine that what kind of assets a person will have? If one has that much huge income and wealth. First of all, he will have a big-big house. So, start with his house.


Mukesh Ambani House - Antilia!

This is the most expensive house in the world. So, we would like you to memorize this name. For, this is the house of Mr. Ambani. This is Mukesh Ambani’s private building. The name has been inspired by the mystical Antilia island.

It has a height of more than 575 feet and has 27 floors within it. The building was designed by Chicago architects Perkins and Wills whereas the builders were Australian based Leighton Holdings.


mukesh ambani house antilia

Mukesh Ambani's House in Mumbai

The building, with the architecture inspired by the Lotus and the Sun, houses every luxury known to man. The top most 6 floors are designated as the residence. While the first 6 floors act as garage which has the capacity to accommodate about 165 cars at a time. It has a home theater, bar, entertainment room and numerous powder rooms.

There is a man-made ice room too. The connectivity to all these rooms is achieved through 9 high speed elevators. You would be astonished to know that there are 3 helipads on top of Antilla and it needs more than 600 servants for the upkeep of this building. The total cost of this building to the tune of $1 Billion which is about (67,478,100,000.00 Indian Rupee [INR] ).


Mukesh Ambani’s Cars Collection!

You would be totally boggled to know that Mukesh Ambani has more than 150 cars. So, it is pretty difficult to help you with every car. But, when it comes to brands, then Mercedes and the Bentley seems to be the favorites of Mr. Ambani. The costliest car standing in his garage is Maybach.

Mukesh Ambani’s Private Jet

mukesh ambani private jet plane


He owns private jets too [worth 220 crore]. But, recently, he gifted Nita Ambani an Airbus on her birthday. The plane houses an office, satellite TV etc. among other luxuries. You can also watch his luxurious lifestyle here (This video is not from our channel, soon we’ll make one).



Mukesh Ambani philanthropy

Actully, he is not known for charity works. He has just donated ₹603cr for Healthcare in India. May be he don’t believe a lot in philanthropy but his wife Mrs. Neeta Ambani is doing a great job for society. Her charity foundation named “The Reliance Foundation” which promises quality healthcare for everyone in India.

Besides healthcare, his charity work interests include Rural Development and Education & Social.




Now, you’ve seen Mukesh Ambani wealth and income resources, his assets and success story. Additionally he was selected as one of the world's most respected business leaders of 2004 by PricewaterhouseCoopers. He also received the Economic Times Business Leader of the Year award in 2006.

His reputation and money both are increasing year by year and nobody is nearby him in India at least. That’s why there is no doubts that he will remain at #1 position for upcoming years too.

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