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Marissa Mayer earned approximately 300 million US dollars during her time at Google and could earn another 200 million dollars (or more) at Yahoo. If Yahoo changes ownership while she is the CEO, Mayer will reportedly earn a 150 million US dollar severance package.

Mayer was named Yahoo's CEO in July 2012, so her pay package worked out to about 1 million US a month. If she sticks around the new job for another four years, she will make a whole lot more. Marissa Mayer's package is going to be worth at least 71 million dollars in 2017.


Marissa Mayer ceo yahoo net worth how rich is merissa mayer

CEO – Yahoo

Name -  Merissa Mayer

Designation - CEO, Yahoo

Age - 41

Source Of Wealth - Yahoo, Self Made

Residence - Palo Alto, CA

Citizenship -United States

Marital Status -Married

Children - 3

Education - Bachelor of Arts / Science, Stanford University; Master of Science, Stanford University


Wonder, How much is Marissa Mayer net worth?

Marissa Mayer’s net worth as of today is 430 million US dollars. She was one of the first employees at Google, and by the looks of it, that sure did pay off. Her net worth seems to imply that she can live a little more than just The Good Life. Her weekends are spent at Vali with her husband and has even had Barack Obama over for dinner once. Her impressive collection of designer goods deserves mention as well.

The poise she shows at the speech podium? Perhaps she picked that up from the years she spent training in classical ballet. As part of her compensation package, Mayer was awarded with 14 million dollars in Yahoo to compensate for what she would miss out on at Google.

Before her leap to Yahoo, she could have been worth well over 150 million US dollars. Marissa Mayer invests in a number of private companies such as Square and Airtime. She also has pieces of Airtime, One Kings Lane, Minted, Brit + Co., uBeam and Getaround.

Marissa Mayer on Forbes Lists (Credit to her profile on forbs)

Four years after taking the helm at Yahoo, Marissa Mayer is now in charge of the sale of the company’s business. Mayer's income comes from her 13-year stint at Google. Now called Alphabet, that stock has just made her richer this year.

In 2015, Marissa Mayer’s salary was 36 million US dollars. This, was a drop from her previous 42 million US dollars that she received in 2014. Her base salary happens to be 1 million US dollars. Though her reported pay is 35 million, her take away pay was only 14 million because Yahoo fell short of its financial goals for the year. Bonuses were forgone by Mayer and the other executives in the year 2015.

Either way, if Marissa leaves Yahoo, she is likely to be paid 55 million US dollars along with a 3 million cash sum and stock units.

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Marissa Mayer Career.

Marissa Mayer graduated from Stanford University and specialized in artificial intelligence for both her degrees. In 2009, she found herself being granted a doctorate degree by the Illinois Institute of Technology.

Her career began in 1999 at Google as employee number 20 and the company’s first woman engineer. For thirteen years, she has played different roles- as an engineer, a designer, a product manager, and an executive. She has been the pivotal force behind Google Images, Google Maps, Google Search, Google Books, Google Toolbar, iGoogle, Google News, Google Product Search and Gmail.

Marissa was also the Vice President of search products. In her last year at Google, she served as the Vice President of Maps and Location Services.

July 16, 2012, saw Marissa A. Mayer being named as the President and CEO of Yahoo! Her first major step at Yahoo! was the major mend of Flickr. It was later followed by a homepage redesign. A deal worth $1.1 billion was signed with blogging platform Tumblr and another $30 million for Summly.

Marissa Mayer Social Life.

Fortune magazine in 2012, ranked Mayer at the number 14 position on the list of America’s most powerful women.. She is married to Zach Bogue, who is an American investor, and together the couple raises a son together by the name Macallister Bogue. They were expecting twin girls in the month of December.

Despite the fact that she left the tech world in surprise over the concerns of her break, she reassured the public that she will return to the work front as soon as she possibly can. When she joined Yahoo, she was expecting her son. She managed to join work just two weeks after giving birth to Macallister. This wasn’t taken too well, as critics wrote this off for setting the wrong example for her junior colleagues.

Marissa Mayer's House

Marissa Mayer stays on the 30th floor of her penthouse at Four Seasons Hotel in San Francisco. She also owns property in Palo Alto.

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