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Supernatural’s star Jensen Ackles net worth has been touched 13.1 Million USD in year 2017. It is not that much surprising after watching his performances. This ‘Born Star’ Jensen Ross Ackles was born on March 1st, 1978 in Dallas, Texas.



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Born On - 1rst March, 1978 (age 38)

Birth Place - Dallas, Texas, United States

Parents - Donna Joan Shaffer-Ackles & Alan Roger Ackles

Height - 1.86 m

Married to - Danneel Ackles (in 2010)

Children - Justice Jay Ackles

Nickname - Jay


How much is Jensen Ackles Net Worth in 2017?

Jensen has many successful television series to his name. Currently he is a part of the famous series Supernatural as Dean Winchester for which he is being paid a bomb. He has made a fortune through acting and his estimated net worth is said to be approximately $12 million. Previous years’ fortune is as follows:


Year Earning
2017 $13.1 Million
2015 $10 Million
2014 $87 Lacs
2013 $ 80 Lacs
2012 $ 57 Lacs


  • Jensen’s total earnings from endorsements and sponsorships are estimated to be approximately $2, 6000.
  • As Dean Winchester in the television series Supernatural he made $1, 7500 per episode.

His movies have always charmed the audiences and have been a hit at the box office and sky rocketed his bank balance. Let us take a look at his earnings from his various blockbusters. The list is as follows:


Movie Earnings
Supernatural (The Animation) $ 17 Lac
Batman (Under the Red Hood) $15 Lacs
Tron (Evolution $ 9 Lacs
The 3rd Birthday $ 8 Lacs
Two other blockbuster hits $ 13 Lacs


Jensen Ackles Family

His parents are Donna Joan and Alan Roger Ackles. Josh is his younger brother and Mackenzie is his sister. He is married to Danneel Harris and in 2013 they became proud parents of a baby girl.

Jensen wanted to become a physical therapist hence enrolled at Texas Tech University to study sports medicine, but found his true calling and moved to Hollywood to kick start his acting career. He is not only a fine actor, but also a director.



Assets of Jensen Ackles 

Let's talk a bit about Ackles couple investments, this couple investments are also smart and right like them. They invest a lot in real estate and double their income. Let’s take a look at the figures involved.


Year Property   Bought For Location Appreciated Value & Year
2009 $2.4 Million Los Angeles Mansion $3.5 Million in 2012
2010 $4.8 Million Malibu, California $7 Million in 2014


Their luxurious home in Malibu was completely renovated by the couple before being listed in 2014. This mansion is worth about ($4.9 million) and having Jacuzzi | Sauna | Swimming Pool |Gaming Room | Home Office | Parking Lot and more in it.

The above figures prove thus prove that the couple certainly knows the way to invest and multiply their money.       

Another example that the actor makes a fortune and lives like a king is his personal ride. He owns many cars, but is often seen in one particular machine.


Jensen Ackles Cars Collection

Jensen drives a customized Cadillac Escalade, which suits his rugged image coupled with aviator glasses and leather jacket. It can be concluded that the power of the car suits his personality to the fullest.

He is certainly one of the highest paid television actors of all times and is loved by his audiences. He was listed as one of the highest paid actors by the Forbes Magazine. The column on him also covered a few details about his assets which were interesting to read as it gave an ordinary person a glimpse into the world of luxury.



Conclusion about net worth of Jensen Ackles:

Jensen Ackles will always be remembered for his legendary roles in movies and as a television actor. In fact, today he is in the list of highest paid television actors and has won million hearts besides winning awards.

He is also listed as one of the sexiest men on the planet. His life is a perfect example of someone who listens to his heart and follows his dreams. A lesson to be learnt by one and all is that it is worth listening to your heart. Go find your calling in life.

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