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Wonder How much is DJ Calvin Harris net worth? Well, his estimated net worth is $110 Million (as of 2017). He is 30th richest British millionaire in music happens to be Calvin Harris. According to Forbes, the king of all DJ’s is the 21st highest paid celebrity. It isn’t just his music that has been topping the charts, but also his income. In 2013 he earned 46 million US dollars from his songs, tours and Las Vegas residency.

This paved the way for Calvin’s newfound accolade- the highest paid DJ of the year, 2014. The same year found Calvin named the Richest DJ for the second time in a row with a total of 66 million US dollars.


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Full Name - Adam Richard Wiles (Calvin Harris)

Age - 32

Main Income Source  - Music

Residence - Los Angeles, CA

Citizenship - United Kingdom

Marital Status - Single

Net Worth - 110 Million USD


Breakdown of Calvin Harris Net Worth (2017)?

As we said his accumulated wealth in 2017 is approx. $110 Million. Let us discuss this in some details. Take a look over growth of his overall wealth year by year.

Calvin Harris Income over the years!

Calvin Harris Earnings between 2007-2009

In his first year as a professional DJ, Calvin Harris became a millionaire. His debut album was released in June of 2007 titled, I Created Disco. It climbed up the UK Album Charts steadying at number eight, and number 19 on the US Top Electronic Albums.

He made 7.8 million dollars from sales alone. The same year found him the recipient of 27.5 million US dollars from his Groove Armada Sound-boy Rock tour. 2009 say the light of Harris’ second album, Ready for the Weekend which became a hit almost instantaneously earning him 6.1 million dollars in sales alone.

Between 2010-2013.

When Calvin toured with Rihanna as a supporting act on the European leg of her Loud tour, he rose to international prominence. A few months later, he became the Australian opening act for Rihanna’s Last Girl On Earth tour banking a whopping 15.7 million US dollars.

Stunner production hits such as We Found Love and Where Have You Been for Rihanna brought in the big guns for Calvin. We Found Love went on to top the charts in 27 countries worldwide, including the UK where it became Harris’ third UK number one hit. It peaked in the top 10 in 30 countries worldwide smashing records.

Between 2013-2016.

Summer, Calvin’s undeniable track released on March 14, 2014. It topped the UK Singles Chart making it Harris’ sixth UK number one single. It steadily rose up the US Billboard Hot 100 tracks peaking at the number 7 spot.

May 18, 2014- Harris debuted ‘I Will Never Let You Down’ from Rita Ora which he wrote and produced. The song went on to top the UK Singles Chart.

In year 2016 found the DJ raking in 63 million US dollars. This Scottish DJ is the wealthiest DJ in the world.


Calvin Harris Income form major tours and albums:

 Earnings from Groove Armada: Soundboy Rock Tour (2007)  $27.5 million
 Earnings from Rihanna’s Last Girl on Earth Tour (2011)  $15.7 million
 From the sales of I Created Disco Album (2007)  $7.8 million
 From the sales of Ready for the Weekend Album (2009)  $6.1 million


More Album Earnings:

 Albums Names  Earning from this Album
  Let’s Go  $7,660,000
 Feel So Close  $5,000,000
 I’m Not Alone  $4,500,000
 The Girls  $4,000,000
 Acceptable in the 80s  $2,750,000


Calvin Harris Net Worth over the years:

 2012  $40,250,000
 2013  $50,000,000
 2014  $70,000,000
 2015  $95,000,000
 2016  $110,000,000


Thus Calvin Harris overall net worth is a whopping 110 million dollars.

 Earnings Calvin Harris
 From record album sales  $30.0 million
 From tours and concerts  $120.0 million
 Average annual salary  $13.7 million
 Endorsement payout  $1.2 million
 Estimated net worth (2016)  $110.0 million


This 32 year old earns an average of $300,000 for each show of his. He finds sponsorship partners in Sony, ATV and so on. His stunning physique bags him a bunch of endorsements as well. Harris’ 15 million dollar compound in Beverly Hills is absolutely stunning. He currently drives a McLaren 12c which cost him a whopping 240,000 dollars. Following a twitter appeal, he donated 4,000 Euros.

His Hollywood Hills home came at a price of 7 million US dollars, if we’re excluding the 4.9 Million mortgage to secure the house. From Sponsor-ships and Endorsements alone, he gets 1,202,614 dollars.

His income flows steadily from albums, tours, playing at nightclubs, parties, collabs with other artists and so on. Calvin has partnered with Coca Cola, Pepsi, Kia Motors and is the face of Giorgio Armani.


Calvin doesn’t leave charity far behind as he performs at a lot events in order to raise money for the less privileged. Know more about him see: Calvin Harris wiki here.

The richest DJ appears to be unstoppable. He has produced hit after hit and is very likely to continue to do so. Where will 2017 find this icon? Only time will tell.

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