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Curious! How much is Howard Stern net worth? Well he has an outstanding net worth of approx. US$620 Million (as of 2017). He now stands as the highest and the richest radio artist in the United States and possibly, in the world too.

Actually, there are people in this world who acquire the Midas touch granted to them by God. And then, there are those who grab the bull by its horns and bag that prized touch. Today, in our series of the richest, we shall be talking about the one who has been touted times and again, the King of media, Howard Stern. Now take a look at his personal and financial journey.



Howard Stern’s net worth | Biography [2017]

This wonderful journey of Howard Stern from a common man to the King of all media started in 1976, when Stern started working for a rock station named WRNW. His talent did not unnoticed and soon he made up to the job of a program director.


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Name - Howard Allen Stern

D.O.B. - 12th January, 1952

Place of Birth - Queens, New York

Profession - Radio artist, director, actor, author

Spouse(s) - Alison Berns (1978-2001) and Beth Ostrosky (2008- present)

Children - 3 daughters namely, Ashley, Emily and Deborah

Yearly Salary - $90 Million

Net Worth - $620 Million

Best Friend - Jennifer Aniston

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His next stint was at Connecticut rock station, WCCC. His next work which was very fruitful for him was when he signed up with a careworn rock station at Detroit, WWWW. He took them out of their poor condition and the channel was a success. Here, he was awarded with the Album Oriented Rock Personality of the Year by BillBoard.

This was just the start as after that, Howard hosted shows in his name. He has been hosting the Howard Stern shows since 1987. His unconventional approach and larger than life persona made him an instant hit and people started liking him.

Then, in 1993, his first book Private Parts was released. It sold more than 220,000 in its first few hours of the sale. Such was his popularity. And not only this, a movie was made based on the book in which Stern acted. He touts Nike as his favorite brand. He has a keen interest in meditation too. His deal with Sirius is indeed path breaking.


Breakdown of the Howard Stern’s Net Worth & his wealth FAQ

Howard Stern is regarded as one of the most popular radio host and his accumulated wealth speaks for his diversified genius. Currently, Howard Stern’s total worth has been calculated to be around US$620 Million (as of 2017).


Howard Stern’s main source of wealth [Updated]

A major chunk of his incomes is down to the various shows Stern signs up to. In fact, last year i.e. December 2015, Stern inked a deal with Sirius which would continue for 5 years and which was reported to be around $550 Million. Howard would be getting to the tune of $80-90 Million every year through this single deal itself.


How much is Howard Stern salary?

Adding to the list is his salary from the books he wrote. He wrote his first book way back in 1993, titled as Private Parts. This was done under a deal with the Simon and Schuster and the deal was around $1 Million. Given the time and conditions of the world economy at the time of the deal, the amount itself was indeed colossal. And the success of the book was an icing on the cake. It went on to become a bestseller.

You can get a clear idea of his salary and worth when you will come to know that he pays more than $800,000 as taxes for his property and other things.


More income resources

Another source of income is down to the movies he has acted in and the shows he acts in. His show America’s Got Talent alone has bagged him more than $16 Million, whereas the movie based on Private Parts, in which he acted as well, fetched him $15 Million.



What assets Howard Stern has?

Howard has a house at Southampton, New York which stands second to none it terms if space and luxury. It really is a palace. The property costs him about $18 Million.


Where he lives? The Howard Stern House

But the limelight stays with his Palm Beach House at Florida. It has a sprawling area of about 15000 sq. ft. It is reported that the house has about 9 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms. (No wonder, if he plans to make the whole community reside in it.)



His Palm Beach mansion commands a price of more than $52 Million. And, the story does not end here. He is so much in love with this property, that he invested about $20 Million to erect hurricane shutters around the house to protect it from hurricanes. He also owns a condo in Manhattan where he stays often but that is not his permanent residence. He also owns another villa worth about $5 Million in Los Angeles.


Howard’s Private vehicles

Howard does not seem to be fond of bragging many cars. Still, his garage is adorned by a customized Limousine and an Audi R8. Rest, he depends on private jets to transmit around the world.



Conclusion about net worth of Howard Stern:

He is a maverick at whatever he does. He started off his career as an RJ, but now he has evolved into an actor, a producer, an author, a photographer, a DJ and…the list seems never ending.

Given his exceptional command over his multifarious talent and activities, he stands out as one of the richest RJs in our list. His work has led his worth to be about $620 Million. Such a staggering amount itself shows the hard work that has been put into building such a fortune.


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