Ivanka Trump Net Worth [Trump's Daughter]

US President Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka Trump is a successful businesswomen, and her latest estimated net worth is about $150 Million (as of 2017). She is combination of Grace, Nous, Elegance, Splendidness and outrageously prettiness …!! Virtues every girl desires and when these attributes are boiled down in one single entity, we get to see Ivanka Trump.

The girl who decided to take the road not taken. It can be very easy for a girl to be a daughter of the real estate mogul and now the President of the United States Donald Trump, but, she chose the harder way and made a different repute for herself.

Though, we can say that she has inherited the bullishness of her father, when it comes to achieving her goals. She is a businesswoman, an entrepreneur, an actress, a model and even a writer. She is again a daughter, a mother and a wife and still she has been able to etch out her name in golden letters as she is the holder of the fortune of more than $150 Million. She is the epitome of the modern day woman.



Ivanka Trump Net Worth 2017 | Biography


 ivanka trump biography and net worth donald us president trump daughter

Full Name - Ivanka Marie Trump

D.O.B. - 30th October, 1981

Father - Donald Trump

Mother - Ivana Trump

Alma Mater - Wharton Business School and Georgetown University.

Husband - Jared Kushner (m. 2009)

Children - 3 children (1 Daughter, 2 Sons)

Religion - Judaism, though she was raised as Presbyterian

Net Worth - $150 Million



Languages known - English and French, though she knows a bit of Czech too

Ivanka’s Close Friends - Chelsea Clinton and Georgina Bloomberg. The interesting part is that both of her friends are daughters of Donald Trump’s adversaries. Interesting!!!

She has her fair share of relationships in the past as she dated Greg Hersch, who is an investment banker. She was said to have tied the knot with Topher Grace but it turned out to be a fluke. She also spent some time with Bear Stearns and also dated James Bingo Gubbelman before settling with Kushner.

Ivanka Trump’s Kids - Ivanka has1 daughter - Arabella Rose Kushner (Born-July 2011) and 2 sons - Joseph Frederick Kushner (Born - October,2013) and Theodore James Kushner (March 2016)


Ivanka Trump's Early Career

You would be fascinated to know that Ivanka is an alumni of the renowned Wharton Business School of University of Pennsylvania. She is an Economics Graduate. Given her graciousness and beauty, she could have made a big name for herself in the cinematic world, but she has limited her participation on the big screen to a few shows only.

She has also done few photo-shoots for Tommy Hilfiger, Elle Mexico, Forbes and Golf Magazine.

Ivanka has also written a book in 2009 titled as The Trump Card.

Apart from the fact that she is the Exec V.P. at Trump Organization, Ivanka is also in the Board of Directors of Hedge Funds, which is an organization helping young women entrepreneurs.


What are the roots of Ivanka Trump's Net Worth?

Now, a whopping $150 Million and naturally, it comes to your heart, how come??

Well, here is the answer to your question...

First and foremost is that Ivanka is Donald Trump’s daughter and currently, she is serving as the Executive Vice President of the Trump Organization. And then, she is also toted to be as de facto heiress of Donald Trump. And let me remind you that Donald Trump’s real net worth has been calculated to be about $4 Billion. So, now, we leave the mathematics up to you.

Secondly, she launched her own fine jewelry line under the banner of Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry in 2008. Subsequently, more stores have been opened up and the brand is on the verge of getting multinational as it is selling its products in US, Canada and the Middle East.

Ivanka has had more than a few stints in modeling and she still goes on with this interest of hers’ if she buys some time out of her schedule. Though, she is still endorsed with brands like Versace and Thierry Mugler. It is reported that she earns about $600,000 out of her limited endorsements which she donates in charity.



Ivanka Trump’s Fashion Adobe

Besides her share in her father’s property, Ivanka has her own residence in Manhattan. The property is worth around $8 Million.

Her apartment has been designed by renowned interior designer Kelly Behun. The paintings have been done by the Bob George Studio. The dining room was masterminded by Lindsey Adelman.

Ivanka stays in this apartment along with her husband Jared Kushner and their 3 children. She also owns a two-bedroom abode at 502 Park Avenue.


Major Achievements of Ivanka Trump?

She has been awarded with the “Joseph Wharton Young Leadership Award”. She was awarded this prize because she has displayed tremendous leadership in a relatively young age.

She ranked 87th in the hottest woman of Maxim 2007 edition.

Actually, the more we say about this lady, the less it would be. Coming out of Donald Trump’s shadow is an unimaginable task, but Ivanka did the same thing and made it look easy. That shows the caliber and the spirit of this woman And that's why this post is dedicated to Ivanka Trump. Who has shown the real power of an American Women. Salute to her..........!

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