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Insanely growing YouTuber Dhinchak Pooja Net Worth is about 40-60 Lac Indian Rupee [INR] as of 2017. She is getting more popular day by day. But how it all happened? What is Dhinchak pooja's success story? Take a look!

There was a time when people used to say that “talent and hard work” is a deadly combination and people with both these attributes are quite fortunate to have them. But, gone are the times when hard work used to be the cornerstone for one’s success.


How much is Dhinchak Pooja YouTube Earnings, Net Worth 2017?


This is 21st Century people and your hard work alone won’t help you to get through the tides of this ruthless world. It is Smart Work time. And one of the best examples of this smart work we can give to you is the recent YouTube sensation Pooja Jain aka DHINCHAK POOJA. Before we explain as to why she is featuring on our net-worth series, let us go through Pooja’s profile.


Dhinchak Pooja YouTube Income Net Worth 2017 Biography 

Name - POOJA JAIN aka Dhinchak Pooja

Date Of Birth - 16 December 1993, Uttar Pradesh, India

Height - 5'1"

Weight - 46 kg

Profession - Singer, Rapper

Hobbies - Travelling

Marital Status - Unmarried

Education - Modern School (Rohtak Haryana),
Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, New Delhi

YouTube Earnings - 2 to5 Lac Indian Rupee [Per Month]

Yearly Income From Youtube - 40-60 Lacs [As of 2017]


Her profile will make you think that it is pretty much ordinary and nothing too fancy about it. But, you will get a shock when we tell you that Pooja’s monthly earnings range between 2 Lac INR- 5 Lac INR. And it is not over yet.

The source of her earnings is some kind of songs [LOL really...], sung by her which is not exactly songs but as kindergarten rhyme which even the kids would sing better.

Pooja recently lit YouTube on fire with her so called song “Swag wali topi - meri swag wali topi”. The lyrics were as disastrous as in the way it was sung. A song which will make you feel claustrophobic as soon as it enters your ears.

 Later she released “Selfie Maine Le Li Aaj” But still, defying all logic in this world, this video crossed 23 Million viewer mark and Pooja became an overnight sensation.

Then, she got copyright strike on her channel and fortunately [for listeners], she removed all songs and uploaded a new song “Dilon Ka shooter hai mera scooter”.

Her another song “Baapu Thoda de de Cash” was released few days ago and it has reached about 2.5 Million views too.

Once again she is here to torture people, ” “Baapu Thoda de de Cash”” was her last song yet. But, don’t be happy she is saying that “best is yet to come”. OMG! Please save the world.



What are Dhinchak Pooja Success Factors? How Dhinchak Pooja Succeeded?


It makes us scratch our head time and again but the irony is that Pooja’s critics were her biggest profiteers. Their comments and views added to Pooja’s popularity. So much so that people have actually listened to the song numerous times and that has resulted into so many views and downloads of her song too.

Given the fact that Dhinchak Pooja’s name is on everybody’s lips, Pooja has gone for a six and has recently released another song of hers’ titled “Dilon Ka Shooter”. And it has also crossed the 2.5 Million mark in just one week. “Dilon ka Shooter” is said to be released on public demand. Height of irony, really.


How much is Dhinchak Pooja Earnings from YoutTube?

Since, we have discussed at length about Pooja and her net worth, it becomes imperative for us to explain you how she earns such an amount.To make it simple, people on YouTube earn through the public view and the banner ads.

In India, the money earned for 1000 views is 10Rs. Hence, for 100 views = 1Rs.

Abroad, the view rates are higher. And those are about 100 views = 14Rs.

Though, these numbers are not definite and keep changing too. Now, Pooja has 23,260,667 views for her “Selfie Maine Le Li Aaj”.


[Bear, Selfie maine leli aaj song] if you can!

We can say that about 90% of the viewer population is Indian and rest 10% of the views come from abroad. Then, let us do the math.

Total Views- 23,260,667

India (90%) - 20,934,601.

Her earning from India would be 20,934,601/100 = 2,09,346 INR

Abroad (10%) – 2,326,066

Dhinchak Pooja’s earnings from overseas views – 2,326,066/100*14 = 3,25,649

The cumulative comes to be 5,34,995. This is the amount Dhichakk Pooja has earned through the views only [for one month only].


Mind You!!! The amount is just calculated out of the views only and we haven’t even taken into consideration the banner ads on the videos. Now, we have got to believe that Smart Work is the need of the hour in these times. This is all Dhinchak Pooja’s smart work only that has reaped her benefits through her haters themselves. Now, I don’t think there are many people in this world who would have such a talent.

Trust me, few people think that her songs can force someone to go insane too and there have been reports that few of her videos have been removed from YouTube, but that does not stop her from releasing further songs and there are people who want her to release a few more.

This is what Dhinchak Pooja has earned from just her one song or rhyme or lullaby or opera. We can call it anything because it has anything but melody.



Dhinchak Pooja’s Favourite:

Food - Fast Food, Color - Black, Singers - Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez


Now you know about Dhinchak Pooja's income from YouTube, her net worth in 2017 including why and how she succeeded? If you are willing to know more about her or willing to join her.

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