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First we clear that this is about Joseline Hernandez Net Worth and her bio not (Shenellica Bettencourt), we mentioned that because there are rumors about her identity and some people believed Shenellica Bettencourt was her old name and she changed her identity and became Joseline Hernandez.

Have you ever wondered as to who is the voice behind the popular score, “I am Stingy with My Kutty Kat”??? Well, she is the rising female star of the rap world, Joseline Hernandez. A rapper or a TV actor, you can call her anything, because what matters is that she knows how to rule the lips and hearts of people.



How much is Joseline Hernandez net worth in 2017


Born in Ponce region of Puerto Rico, "The Puerto Rican Princess" is winning hearts all around the world with her acting and rapping skills. And with her shows topping the charts, she is one of the wealthiest female rappers with a total net worth of about $2.6 Million.

With that colossal amount in her kitty, she of course would feel living in the seventh heaven. Joseline is one of those actors who are in high demand which is almost perpetual. And that is the reason the stakes are always high on Joseline. Her music shows and few of her TV soaps contribute the best towards her wealth.

It is reported that she charges more than $ 150,000 for her shows annually. And of course, that is subjected to an increase if the shows go on to be blockbusters. Her Love and Hip Hop Atlanta series with Stevie J acted as the game changer and she is now on course to become one of the most affluent female rappers. Joseline’s monthly income is more than $16000.


Joseline Hernandez Bio


 joseline hernandez net worth bio at networthm not shenellica bettencourt

Name - Joseline Hernandez

D.O.B - 03//11/1986

Place of Birth - Ponce, Puerto Rico

Profession - Rapper, Actor

Spouse - Stevie J

Height - 5ft 7 inches

Friends - K Michelle, who also happens to be her makeup artist.

Children/Kids - (daughter) Eva Giselle Jordan

Body Measurements - 34-25-32 in.

Total Wealth - $2.6 Million


Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J Bonding

Well, the most intriguing part of Joseline’s wealth is not that she earned it. Yes, you saw it right. Because, everyone is entitled to the wealth he or she earns. But, what will surprise you is that the first stint of Joseline in the glamour world was as a strip dancer.

And, at a strip club, she was discovered by Stevie J. (See, Stevie J net worth & biography). It is testament to her strong grit that nobody even remembers that she was a strip dancer.


Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J bonding


She always had a vision to become a hip hop performer. Stevie J gave her the first break. Her most popular TV show as of yet is “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta”. It has been her most successful show ever.

You can well imagine the popularity of the show as it is running in its 5th season at the moment. Though, the interesting part of this show is that along with Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J, the ex-wife of Stevie J: Mimi Faust is also performing in the show. And, that spice this soap all the more.

Apart from this, Joseline has given quite a hit numbers such as “La Nerga, Mi Colta and aforementioned I am Stingy with my Kutty Kat”. Joseline earned about $1.5 Million from these numbers.



Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J Split

Joseline was born on November 3rd, 1986 in Puerto Rico. Due to her poor financial situation, she had to work as a stripper. But luck smiled on her, when she was discovered by Stevie J, another famous artist. Stevie helped Joseline with her endeavors in rapping and hip hop.


Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J split


They worked together on the sets of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta. They got married, but if we go by the war of words between them, it is reported that the couple has split. In fact, Stevie J has also filed a suit against Joseline. Moreover, it has been revealed that Joseline is pregnant as well.


Joseline Hernandez Hobbies

She terms rapping and dancing as her hobbies. She is a social networking freak too and has quite a following on social forums. She has more than 1.2 Million people following her on Twitter. It gives and insight as to how famous Joseline is. She got numerous wishes when she posted a picture of her belly bump, signifying her pregnancy.


Joseline Hernandez Assets and Cars

Joseline has a mansion in the East Buffalo province of New York. She doesn’t really seem to be fond of cars and that proves that she is not that extravagant as well. She currently garages a Mercedes Benz and a Bentley Continental at her home.


Joseline Hernandez Trivia & Facts

#1: "The Puerto Rican Princess", started stripping at the age of 16 to support her family.

#2: Joseline's age has always been disputed until Joseline made it clear that she was born on 3, Nov 1986, not in 1976 as there are rumors.

#3: There are rumors about Joseline's old name, people says that her old name was 'Shenellica Bettencourt'. But, she always denied it.

#4: She is one of her six siblings.



Conclusion about Net Worth of Joseline Hernandez

This is what Joseline Hernandez is all about. The girl, who started her career in a petty pub, but, is now on course to be the wealthiest female rappers. This takes some determination and perseverance. She hooked on to these virtues and see, with a bit of luck; she has the world as her oyster.

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