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This is something about one of the greatest rappers alive has done in his career. His name is Mario Mims and you better know him has YO GOTTI. Yo Gotti has a total wealth of about $4 million (as of 2017). Having more than 27 million playlists on MySpace.

In-fact, to have something you never had before, you have to do something you never did before. And for that very thing, you must dare to fail. But let me tell you, that it needs more courage to face a failure than to achieve what you want and the great Yo Gotti has proved it.



Yo Gotti Net worth 2017 + Wealth FAQ


Yo Gotti found himself inclined towards music when he was 14 years of age. He was just 15 when his first album, Youngsta's on a Come Up was released; albeit it was released under a different name i.e. Lil Yo. And that was just the start as he released a number of albums thereafter which kept topping the charts.

His major releases have been From Da Dope Game 2 da Rap Game, , Life, Self Explanatory, Live from The Kitchen and many more. His latest release, "The Art of Hustle" has been in 2016 itself.


 yo gotti wealth faq and latest net worth details

Name - Mario Mims aka Yo Gotti aka Young Gotti

B.O.B.- 19th May 1981

Place of Birth - Tennessee, Memphis, United States

Profession - Rapper, Singer, Songwriter and Actor

Source of Wealth Music

Current Net Worth - $4 Million


He has also worked with Lil Wayne (See: Lil Wayne Current Net Worth) in the album "Women Lie, Men Lie". It was a huge hit. Yo Gotti has also signed a huge distribution deal with Epic Records. The mediators in this deal were his partners L.A. Reid. Gotti has also featured in the 2016 album of Meghan Trainor named "Better".


What are the career achievements of Yo Gotti?

Gotti is the founder of CMG i.e. Collective Muzik Group. Though, you would be highly surprised to know its real name which was Cocaine Muzik Group. His album "I Am" was nominated for the Album of the Year at the BET Hip Hop Awards 2014.

Moreover, his one more record, "Straight Back to the Fundamentals" turned the tables on. This kind of his releases made him lock horns with his close friend Gucci Mane. His "Straight from the Kitchen" has been accorded "5 star" status. So, Gotti has hardly seen any failures in his life once he get going. And whenever he did face some defeats, he came stronger and harder.


Breakdown of the Yo Gotti’s Net Worth

Yo Gotti is regarded as one of the greatest rapper and his accumulated wealth speaks for his diversified genius. Currently, Yo Gotti’s latest net worth has been calculated to be around 4 Million US Dollars. At the peak of his career Gotti's total accumulated worth was higher than 10 million US dollars, but currently it is reduced to $4 Million.


What are Yo Gotti’s Major Sources of Wealth

While he is a rapper so his main earning resource is his music, he charges about 50,000 to 60,000 US Dollars for his single performance. He got about 165,000 US dollars from the sales of his album “I AM” and respectively got another 80,000 US dollars for “Live from the Kitchen” album. Yo Gotti has linked mega endorsement deals with major brands such as Versace, Rolex, Louis, Vhitton, and Guiseppe Zhanotti


What Assets Yo Gotti's has?

See, Gotti has that much gold in his treasury that he doesn’t even know and he won’t really bother to count. So let us have look as to where does this colossal amount put to use??



Where he lives? Yo Gotti’s House!

Gotti has two mansions under his name. One is in his home town Memphis itself. And the other one is on the Hollywood hills. This very mansion is nothing short of a royal palace and is worth $6 million.


Now take a look at Yo Gotti’s Cars Collection!

Moreover, a relation between a rapper and cars is a knot tied in heaven. Hence Yo Gotti too has a love for cars. His garage currently has 4 high end cars among many others and those beasts are: Bentley Continental, Lambhorgini Adhventor, Rolls Royce Phantom and a Cutlass.


Gotti says that, "When I am alone in my room sometimes I stare at the walls, flashbacks about the streets and memories and my dawgs". These lines very much describe the early days of Gotti and may be could have acted a source of inspiration to him. Because, Yo Gotti has been a survivor and he is really very good one at that.



Conclusion about Mario Mims aka Yo Gotti’s wealth:

One thing we can learn from Yo Gotti is that there is no bar to pursue someone’s dream. If we continue to fight against the odds in life and maintain our inner strength than anything is possible. Isn’t it?


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