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Algernod Lanier Washington, whom we know by his popular name “Plies” is a football player turned rapper and a lyricist. Rapper Plies latest calculated net worth is $14.27 Million (as of 2017). He sought refuge in music during the turn of the millennium.

Though, he turned professional around 2005. He has plied his trade well with numerous hits under his best. He stands high in list of all the big players in music production and his success on the stage speaks for him in the way that currently, his cumulative worth has been calculated to be about $14.27 Million. Hailing from Florida, Plies has carved a whole different name and entity to himself.



Plies Net Worth and Biography 2017


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Full Name - Algernod Lanier Washington aka Plies

D.O.B. - 01-07-1976

Place of Birth - Florida

Profession - Rapper and Lyricist

Alma Mater - Miami University and University of Central Florida

Spouse - Not married, though he has 1 son, Nijier Lanier Washington from his ex-girlfriend Brandy Lacole Lyons.

Relationships - He is currently dating, Lira Galore

Net Worth - 14.27 Million USD



Plies Early Career and Personal Trivia

So, we have discussed almost everything except the root from where Plies build such a huge foundation. His first solo album was “The Real Testament” which was released in 2007. One single “Shawty” from this album went on to top the charts and in increased Plies demand overnight. Akon starred in his next score which was titled “Hypnotised” and it went notches higher than his previous single.

Since then, he has released many popular albums such as Definition of Real and Da REAList in 2008. He released Goon Affiliated in 2010. His latest album “Purple Heart is scheduled to be launched by the end of 2016.

He was once nominated for the Grammy Award in the best rap group category, for his “Lose my Mind” along with Young Jeezy.

Prior to music, Plies was a footballer and a very good one at that. He played in a receiver or a defender position. He was titled as the Homecoming King during his school times. His football gained him scholarships at Miami University and the Central University of Florida. He was titled there as Nod Washington. But, he dropped out of studies in 1997 to pursue his career in music.


Breakdown of the Plies Net Worth and Wealth FAQ

Plies is regarded as one of the most popular rapper and his accumulated wealth speaks for his diversified genius. Currently, Plies latest net worth has been calculated to be around US $14.27 Million.

Believe it or not and you like or not, but there are two things that make a person a celebrity and those two essentials are fame and money. So, if you are reading about a person, then he is for sure famous. And, regarding the money he possesses, let us have a look as to how Plies owns such a big fortune.


What are the main resources of Plies wealth?

Plies co-owns a record company, titled as Big Gates Records, with his brother. His brother’s name is Big Gates, so, Plies holds a large no of stakes in the company which add to his worth.



How much Plies earns from music albums?

Moreover, each year his albums do great business. Since 2010, his albums have been earning him to the tune of $400,000 to $500,000.

Apart from the albums and music production, Plies also earns heavy from his endorsements too. So, the man knows how to cash in on his image too. Given his football history, his fan following keeps increasing.


How much Plies charges for per show?

He charges around $25,000 for each show, though this figure is really subjective of the location and the crowd.


What Assets Plies has?

Well, earning millions and not using a penny is a tell-tale sign, that the person is either obsolete or a saint. But, guess what, Plies is neither of them. He surely has an idea or two as to how to spend…


Plies Cars Collection

Now, Plies is absolutely fond of cars. He prefers classic vintage cars and has customized a few of them. The latest addition to his collection has been Pontiac 350, which he has customized and the coupe has costed him around $85,000.



Adding to the list is a classic Lincoln Continental, a Cadillac CTS- V. He also houses an Aston Martin and one Bentley Continental too in his garage.


Where Plies does lives? Picture of Plies House

Plies house picture exclusive


When it comes to living, then the Florida based rapper believes in living a king’s life. Plies has big mansion in Greenwich. And the property alone commands a worth of about $11 Million. The list does not stop here as Plies has also got a villa for himself in Florida as well. Well, the only thing I can say, is “Money well spent”.



Conclusion about Plies wealth:

One thing we have learned from Plies, that age is no bar to pursue one’s dream. He could have been a successful footballer, but still, he fought against the odds and bedded in music. And boy, he has done admirably well.


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