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William Ray Norwood Jr., who you know as Ray Jay or Ray J is a singer, lyrics writer, actor, and producer from the US. Ray J's current net worth is approximately $13 Million (as pf 2017). Though born in McComb, Mississippi, Ray J spent his childhood in Carson in the state of California. Snoop Dogg, another famous rapper is his cousin.

How much is Ray J Net Worth in 2017?

So soon we will see that Ray J is not at all short of money and has amassed great fortunes with his career, but before discussing his career take a look on Ray Jay's reputation and the money he got because of this reputation.

You will be flabbergasted to know that Ray J’s video with Kim Kardashian titled: “Home Video Royalties” was very much popular. It was released in 2007 but it is still very much popular to this date i.e. after almost 10 years. And the surprising part is that Ray J gets $88000 every three months as royalties for this video.

Well, there is no clear cut figure as to how much Ray J is worth about. But we can say that his pockets remain cash stacked all the time. His total net worth is believed to be $13 Million. Whatever he has been through, he has managed to stay on the top and he is more than just a mere survivor. Because, you dint get such a fortune for just being a survivor.



Ray J Biography & Success Story!


 Ray J net worth cars assets family and income details with biogrphy

Full Name - William Ray Norwood Jr.

Nickname - Ray Jay, Ray J

D.O.B. - 17TH January, 1981

Profession- Singer, Rapper, Actor, Lyrics writer, Producer, Musical artist.

Height- 5’6”

Relationships- Was in relationship with Kim Kardashian from 2005-2007

Spouse- Princess Love

Debut Movie- The Sindbad Show

First Music Album- Everything You Want

Net Worth - 13 Million USD So far!

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Ray J Early Career | How it all started for him?


Though he started acting in the late 1980s. But he shot to prominence when in 1993; he started acting in The Sindbad Show in which he played the role of foster son. His value shot overnight when he signed up for the show Dorian- D Money in the year 1999.

His first stint at the music came in 1995, when he launched his debut music album “Everything You Want”. Later on, he threw in his second music album “Let it Go” which was a major hit. His albums were always in the notches of the music charts.

His subsequent music releases Raydiation, This Aint a Game, All I feel, all went on to become huge hits. He has also acted in notable movies like Steel, Mars Attack.

Not only this, there was a multi-million dollar deal signed between Knockout Entertainment and Koch Records. Even, Deja 34 which is owned by Shaquille O’Neal was partner to this deal. Ray J released his album All I Feel as a part of this deal. Yung Berg also featured in this album rapping in the first single track Sexy Can I. Ray J also starred in the movie Dark Christmas.

So, you cannot really fathom as to how much Ray J bagged in these mega deals. But, Ray J did not really stop there. In 2009, he notched up his status and riches again with the release of his album For the Love of Ray J.

While, Ray J can be ruthless when it comes to earning money, but he does have a soft side too. It is said that when Whitney Houston died due to drowning, Ray J was extremely depressed and distraught. He even got into a tussle with the Yankees when they were foul mouthing Houston.

His 2013 release “I hit it first” was marred into controversies as many suggest that it was directed to Kayne West and Kim Kardashian.

He is currently doing a TV show: Driven to Love.



Kim Kardashian and Ray J Relationship (2005 – 2007)


Ray J first met Kim Kardashian while Kim was working as stylist for his sister, (Brandy). Their relationship stayed about three years before the things ended for the sake of good. In year 2007 their split was got really too much messy when a sex tape of both was leaked up and distributed by Vivid Entertainment.


kim kardashian and ray relationship


Firstly Kim Kardashian denied and called it rumor about the existence of the tape, but later she settled with Vivid Entertainment for an amount of $5 million. After that Kim Kardashian and Ray J relationship was ended unfortunately.


Ray J Cars Collection


You cannot really imagine as to how immersed is Ray J in his cars. It is said that he himself doesn’t know as to how many cars he owns. Moreover he also leases these cars to his friends and business partners too.

Currently, he owns

3 Rolls Royce

1 Lambhorgini

1 BMW Z8

3 Mercedes

2 Ferraris 458

1 Bentley GTC



Guess what guys, it is recently reported that he has registered for 20 more cars. Now, can you believe that?? He also owns a private jet which is a Cessna Learjet.


Ray J Trivia

  • On Tyra Banks show in March 2008 he confessed that he never watch his sex tape with Kim Kardashian.
  • Shaquille O'Neal [basketball player] makes a cameo of his "Sexy Can I" video as a reporter holding a camera.
  • Ray J appeared in Brandy's video "What About U" in year 2002.
  • He also worked on a book, titled "Sex Machine," released in the spring of year 2008 from Karen Hunter Publishing/Pocket Books.
  • He got a deal with America's leading condom company named 'Trojan' as front of their product (in June 2007).


Conclusion about net worth of Ray J

He may have a dark side, but who doesn’t. And it doesn’t really matter when you have the green paper on your side. Ray J strives to this pinnacle of glory and though, it is difficult to reach the top but to stay there is more difficult. Because as the saying goes, the wolf below the hill is hungrier than wolf on top of the hill. You got to be one to know one. This is what Ray J is.

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