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 Wonder? How much money does Eminem have? Well Eminem’s net worth is $243.3 million (as of 2017). Eminem’s net worth mostly comes from sources such as album sales, acting, concerts, producing, business deals, endorsements, and from merchandise.

He is extremely popular as a performer, earned about total of 452 million dollars since 1996. He paid out $265.5 million of that money as taxes and expenses. 57 million dollars is how much the rapper makes from his investments. Net worth is calculated after paying credits and adding all assets he have.


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Date of Birth - Oct 17, 1972

Profession - Record producer,  Songwriter, Musician, Rapper

Nationality - USA

Height - 5 ft 8 in (1.73 m)

Weight - 71 kg

Nicknames - Marshall Mathers, Marshall Bruce Mathers III, Slim Shady, EMINEM, M.Mathers


Eminem Net worth in 2017 + Income Resources

The main source of Eminem’s income is his concerts, adding a total of 211 million dollars to his net worth. His album sales bring in 69 million dollars, his endorsement deals bring in 58 million dollars and his business deals bring in 50 million dollars.

His YouTube channel ad revenue from about 6.7 billion views gives him more 45 million dollars. And his talk show appearances, Acting,  and producing adds another few million dollars in total. Eminem’s career is at the epitome of success and his salary of about 21 million dollars a year keeps him more than content. His net worth will keep rising for years to come, due to his popularity.


What is Eminem's source of wealth?

Eminem’s raw talent and hard work has translated into massive success in the music world. With 69 million dollars from albums and 15 million dollars from singles the rapper has carved a niche in the music industry. 211 million dollars is how much Eminem earned from 2000 through 2014. Eminem landed product endorsement deals between 2001 and 2016, roping in an additional 58 million dollars.

The star capitalized on his fame, trying his hand at acting, movie production and business deals. He starred in the 2002 movie 8 Mile and started the Fat Eminem Burger chain of restaurants. He then launched his own vodka and even his very own fashion line. Slim Shady has made 112 million dollars from expeditions that aren’t tied to music.


Eminem Albums $69,437,603
Singles $15,466,718
Concerts $209,950,000
Eminem Acting Roles $1,057,188
Producing $800,000
Appearances $2,000,000
Youtube $48,218,351
Endorsements $58,000,000
Business $50,000,000
Total Eminem Earnings $454,929,859
Eminem Salary (average) $21,663,327
Eminem Salary 2016 $13,665,393
Taxes $199,486,743
Expenses $68,239,479
Investments (6% of Eminem's net worth per year) $57,076,826
Eminem Net Worth $244,280,451


Eminem Net Worth Breakdown over The Years

From 1996 to 1998, Eminem’s net worth started off on a rough patch. In 1996 the rapper released his first album, Infinite. This record sold only 1,000 copies, bringing in 11,000 dollars for the star. It wasn’t until 1999 that The Slim Shady LP brought the rapper a total revenue of $50 million selling 4.5 million units worldwide. Eminem’s 11% of that sum amounted to 5.5 million dollars.


Earnings in 1998 $138,602
Earnings in 1999 $3,063,784
Earnings in 2000 $22,927,170
Earnings in 2001 $27,315,430
Earnings in 2002 $38,364,522
Earnings in 2003 $44,805,287
Earnings in 2004 $55,057,892
Earnings in 2005 $63,006,493
Earnings in 2006 $70,955,659
Earnings in 2007 $79,245,405
Earnings in 2008 $87,814,158
Earnings in 2009 $100,785,100
Earnings in 2010 $131,217,900
Earnings in 2011 $153,830,761
Earnings in 2012 $176,628,663
Earnings in 2013 $192,777,616
Earnings in2014 $215,296,441
Earnings in 2015 $230,878,534
Eminem's net worth in 2016 $244,280,951


By selling his singles from that album brought in another $2.2 million into the his pocket. The real cash started to pour in after a year in the form of 27.5 million dollars from the tour Up in Smoke, which was headlined by other rappers named Dr. Dre and our Snoop Dogg. The tour received 160 million dollars altogether.

Eminem kept an estimated 17.1% of this value. The rapper then went on to release of two new diamond albums and another four albums that gone multiple platinum. With a TV and movie production, six more concert tours, 21 hit singles, brand endorsement deals brought few more millions for Eminem.

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