TIP aka T.I Net Worth and Bio

Tip aka T.I latest net worth is about $60 Million (as of 2017). T.I is a rapper, a singer, a producer, an author, a CEO…. And you will start wondering if there is anything this person, Clifford Joseph Harris Jr. doesn’t do.

You would be knowing him by his stage name T.I With his multifarious talent and exceptional nous, T.I. has turned himself as one of the most successful rappers of the world.

The Grand Hustle Records chairperson and an emissary of the trap genre of music, T.I. stands among the top 30 richest singers of North America with a cumulative worth of more than $60 Million. He is literally a money minting machine, if not a mint in himself.



TIP aka TI Net Worth + Biography


 Clifford joseph Harris jr aka tip aka ti net worth and bio

Name - Clifford Joseph Harris Jr. aka T.I. or TIP

D.O.B. - 25th September, 1980

Place of Birth - Atlanta, Georgia

Profession - Rapper, Music and Film Producer, Entrepreneur

Spouse - Tameka Cottle (m 2010)

Children - 7

Net Worth - 60 Million US Dollars


With Tameka, T.I. has 2 sons and 2 daughters. T.I. and his ex-girlfriend had two sons whereas T.I. has one daughter with Ms. Niko, who is also a singer. Take a look upon TI's family.


 TI aka tip WITH HIS children family

T.I with his family


T.I. has been rapping since the age of 8 years, but he turned professional when he was 14. When he was 19 years old, he signed his first bumper deal with Arista Records and from them there was no looking back. He also formed his own rap group in the meanwhile. In 2003, he founded his own music production company.

Till now, T.I has launched about 10 solo albums with numerous numbers of his being racked in to the gold category. His most successful solo scores have been Live Your Life, Dead and Gone, Bring Em Out. Well, if we start dwelling on his hit numbers, then I believe you need to take your day off to record his achievements.

In a nutshell, T.I has three Grammy awards to his name. It is a testament to the fact as to how successful he is as a singer, a rapper and a businessman.



Breakdown of Tip aka T.I Net Worth

Now, $60 Million is something which most of the people cannot achieve in two births, let alone one. So, let us have a look, as to what special Mr. Clifford Joseph Harris Jr. has in his arsenal that he is a fortune in himself. Well, T.I. owes his fortune to a number of ventures.His music albums form a large chunk of his income. Each year, his music albums earn him to the tune of $5 Million.

Moreover, he took up acting as well in 2006, and since then, he usually turns up in one or two movies a year, and his movies too garner rave reviews. He has also entered into a talent scouting deal with the Warner Bros. Television, which is believed to be a mind boggling money agreement.

And, it does not really end here. He has his own nightclub in Bankhead region of Atlanta. It is a kind of celebrity club and most big names from the industry show up here. So, it shows as to much his name rules over the industry. He has gone a step ahead and he has also launched a strip club with the title V Live in Atlanta itself. Owing to his success on the stage, T.I. has inked various endorsements.

For instance, he has an ambassador with Chevrolet for last 8 years or so. The deal was about to be called off owing to his lawlessness, but eventually the General Motors came around.

Adding to this, T.I. has also signed an agreement with the social surfing site, StreetCred. It focused on the Hip Hop cult. He also had a contract with Axe, but due to his altercations with the police, the deo company backed off. Well, the list seems endless.

He has ventured into music and film producing as well. He has produced songs for renowned artists such as Maino, Rick Ross, Cassidy AND Mariah Carey.

He launched his own film company in 2006 under the banner Grand Hustle Films. He produced the show Life on Mars. He has also assumed the duties of an executive producer for the documentary series, Sisterhood of Hip Hop.

So, now we know as to from where those $60 Million have come from. T.I. has so many arms open that he would not even bother to look at his bank accounts.


Tip aka T.I aka Clifford Joseph Harris Jr. Assets

As it is said, the money does not buy happiness, but, it is better to cry in Lamborghini. The quote seems apt here in the sense, that T.I. can really buy whatever he wants and whatever can be bought from money.

T.I seems to be a fan of luxury cars.

Currently, his garage boasts of four luxury cars and these cars alone cost him a fortune of about $3.5 Million.

The beasts are:

Dodge Challenger

Rolls Royce Phantom

Bentley Mulsanne

Ferrari 599 GTB

He has two off-roaders housed too and these are: Jeep Cherokee Grand and a Range Rover.


Where does he lives? The T.I House!


tip aka ti s mansion house exclusive picture


He has his own mansion in Atlanta itself. He has christened it “Champions Park”. The property which boasts of a Jacuzzi, swimming pool, own sauna, alone commands a price tag of $7.8 Million.It looks like that T.I. does really believe in the dictum of “Live Life King Size”, and making this true.


Lawlessness of T.I

As much as T.I. has earned his status, he has also tarnished his image due to his involvement in drugs and smuggling as well. But, since, he got his children he really has refrained from such activities. Though, lately he was involved in a scam of not declaring his proper and income and avoiding tax as well.


T.I as a writer

T.I. loves to write as well. He published his two novels “Power and Beauty” and “Problems and Success” in 2011 and 2012 respectively.



Conclusion about net worth of T.I aka TIP

Well, all this about this man tells us that he has earned every penny of what he has got. He is also involved in charity works as he keeps granting scholarships. He donated a huge sum to the Katrina hurricane victims.

They say, that with money, comes a responsibility too. And, T.I. seems to carry out his every responsibility towards the society and that’s what makes him a successful and upright man.

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