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Looking for weezy aka Lil Wayne’s net worth? Weezy’s latest calculated wealth is a whooping amount of US $160 Million (as of 2017). We are going to examine all the major aspects which made him this fortune. But before you understand him, consider his quote.

"I don't want to be understood because if people understand me, they get tired of me."

Such a bullish quote which exudes a lot of confidence the person has in him. And do you know who that person is?? He is one of the moneyed rappers on this planet, Lil’ Wayne.



Lil Wayne Net Worth 2017 | Wealth FAQ

So, Weezy aka Lil Wayne has approximate wealth of $160 Million. Ha has achieved a lot in very short amount of time. But, How he has achieved it all and what are Lil Wayne's Income resources. Lets explore with us!


What are the income resources of Lil Wayne?

Well, it really should not be a difficult question though. Innumerable hit albums have really notched up Lil Wayne’s worth. He charges more than $650,000 for one single show. And, despite the fact that he has since retired from professional singing, he still is in huge demand. It is claimed that his total earnings for the year 2013 were more about $50 million.

And on top of that, Lil’ Wayne also owns his own clothing brand, Trukfit. He has also inked a multi-million dollar deal with PepsiCo beverage Mountain Dew.


Breakdown of the Lil Wayne’s Net Worth

Lil Wayne is regarded as one of the most popular Hip-Hop artist or rapper and his accumulated wealth speaks for his diversified genius. Currently, Lil Wayne’s total worth has been calculated to be around US $160 Million in 2017.


Lil Wayne’s Earnings per show $650,000
Touring Between (2009 – 2011) $94.0 million
Weezy’s Earnings in 2015 $15.3 million
Latest estimated  net worth $154.0 million


Lil Wayne’s Personal FAQ and Success Story

Lil Wayne’s Personal Life

He was married to Antonia Carter. The couple got their first baby daughter Reginae in 1998. Lil’ Wayne was just 16 then. Lil Wayne has three more children, sons: Dwayne III and Neal and one more daughter Cameron. These three children were born from his different girlfriends.


 lil wayne biography and net worth

Full Name - Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr.

D.O.B. - 27 September, 1982

Place of Birth - New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.

Height - 5' 6" (1.68 m)

Marital Status - Divorced (Antonia Carter 2004-06)

Children - 4 (Reginae, Lauren, Neal and Dwayne III)

Alma Mater - University of Phoenix and University of Houston

Profession - Musician, Rapper, Actor, Music Director

Children - He has 4 children

Total Wealth – 154 Million USD

Dwayne Michael Carter’s Early Career

Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, Lil’ Wayne began his career in acting and singing when he was just 8 years old and during this time only, he jotted his first song as well. He teamed alongside the celebrated music group Cash Money Records and with them he recorded multiple platinum hits. The most notable of his releases with this group were Guerilla Warfare and Bling Bling which were released in 1999.

He took one step ahead and he started his own musical group in tandem to this partnership and named it Hot Boys. In 2005, he also founded the Young Money Entertainment Co. and he currently serves as its CEO.

And if you are thinking that this is it. Then, behold, because it is just the beginning.

In the same year as that of the Bling Bling release, Lil’ Wayne came up with a solo album, The Block is Hot and it nearly shattered the records. Recording Association Industry of America accorded it with the platinum status. His next releases were “Lights Out” and “500 Degreez” which were recorded in 2000 and 2002 respectively. Both of these works were placed in the gold category.

Though, the Midas touch was given to him by the launch of his 2004 album “Tha Carter”. He released its two versions namely “Tha Carter I”, “Tha Carter III”. Tha Carter III was incredibly successful and went on to win the Grammy Award in the Best Rap Album category.

It should not be that hard to imagine the wealth he would have acquired when we tell you that in the first week of Tha Carter III s’ release, more than a million copies were sold. Crater IV’s release broke all the tables when it also sold more than a million copies in its first week itself.

So, when it comes to Lil’ Wayne, unprecedented success follows him pants down. The fourth version of the Tha Carter series was launched in 2011 as there were delays in its release due to Wayne’s jail sentence. He has also been part of films like Baller Blockin’, The Carter and The Hurricane Season.


Weezy’s dark shade

Life is not a bed of roses and the same can be said about Lil’ Wayne’s life. He has been a regular visitor to the jail for smoking marijuana and doing other drugs.



Where does he lives? Picture of the Lil Wayne’s House

Lil Wayne surely knows how to spend it big when it comes to living life kings size. He has three mansions in the US. His Florida Mansion is nothing short of a palace and its total worth is about $14 million.


lil wayne house weezy mansion

Lil Wayne's House Inside and Outside

His Louisiana house is of about $5 million whereas the New Orleans home is touted to be in the range of $4.5 million.



Lil Wayne Cars Collection

The affluent rapper has got quite a taste when we talk about cars. He has got a Bugatti Veyron, Campagna T-Rex14 R and Cadillac CTS.


lil wayne Bugatti Veyron car

Weezy's Bugatti Veyron

lil wayne Campagna T Rex 14 R

Weezy's Campagna T-Rex14 R

lil wanye s cadillac CTS car

Weezy's Cadillac CTS

The list continues with a Rolls Royce Phantom, Drophead Coupe, Bentley Mulsanne and an Aston Martin. The total cost of his cars is $6 million. Have a look upon Lil Wayne’s house and cars collection.



Lil Wayne’s Charity Works

Lil’ Wayne is heavily involved in philanthropy, especially for children. Though, he takes the back seat when it comes to take the credits. His organization One Family Foundation looks after all his charity works.


Conclusion about Lil Wayne Wealth:

Despite a troubled childhood, his father abandoned him when he was just two. And, still becoming one of the greatest rappers of all times, Lil Wayne has really made a tryst with destiny. He is standing at a place where only the ones with a heart of a lion can reach.

Well, the more we talk about Lil Wayne, the less it is. You can judge for yourself the immense success he has garnered when we tell you that his total worth calculated by networtm has been about $160 Million (till 2017). I am sure that your eyes must have popped out after reading this. And believe us, you are not the first person to go through from this.


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