U2's Bono Net Worth

How Much is U2’s Bono Net Worth?

Sir Paul Hewson, also known as by his stage name Bono, he is the leading singer of the extreamly famous rock group named U2. Bono has made a fortune with his band U2 and also as the brand ambassador of Louis Vuitton and Facebook.

Bono, whose birth name is Paul David Hewson stumbled upon his band at the tender age of sixteen. A street crew by the name Lypton Village found a member in Bono. Thus was the becoming of the nickname Bono Vox, cut short to Bono by none other than the man himself.

An advertisement on his school’s bulletin board inspired the formation of Feedback, which went on to be called Hype before it finally settled at U2. With twelve records, ave concerts and open airs, the band has won 22 Grammy Awards. This popularity contributed immensely to Bono’s net worth.

Bono’s net worth may be just as impressive as his musical catalogue. Decades of filling in stadiums and creating music that is ubiquitous, Bono’s net worth is estimated to be 700 million US dollars. How does this friendly Irish artist spend all his money?

Bono the Billionaire?

Bono’s early investment in Facebook hoped to see the light of Bono’s billionaire status, but he missed out by quite a bit. His 86 million US dollar investment in the social media giant totalled to roughly 2.3%. Despite the fact that he made this investment with four other partners of Elevation Partners, he fell short of the billionaire club.

Bono is a Millionaire with soul.

Bono showed active participation in aiding third world relief victims alongside the African AIDS catastrophe. He has started charities and organizations of his own to assist the less fortunate. Project Red is Bono’s tie up with Africa to help fight diseases. Bono’s recent partnership with Revo luxury sunglasses is an example of the charities he partakes in. Every 10 dollar sale goes towards vision care, as Bono has been a victim of glaucoma for the past 20 years.

Tour Life Earnings.

Bono’s tour life has granted U2 500 million US dollars in the past ten years alone. Their historical U2 360 Degrees tour grossed 736 million US dollars in a span of two years, 2009 to 2011. With seven million tickets sold, the band pocketed 195 million dollars. U2 grossed over 32 million dollars in their first 17 shows alone, selling 300,000 tickets. By the end of the North American leg of the tour, the band was worth over 70 million US dollars.

 Bono net worth:  $700.0 million
 Yearly earning:  $75,000,000
 Rattle and Hum  $150,000,000
 The Simpsons  $120,000,000
 Entropy  $85,714,286
 The Million Dollar Hotel  $66,666,667
 Rewind  $33,333,333

U2 Bono's Investments.

Elevation Partners invested in companies such as Forbes, Palm and Yelp. They invested 100 million US dollars in Yelp, whose stake is substantially higher in value. Three separate investments in Facebook means that 1.5% of the company is owned by Elevation Partners which is approximately 3 billion US dollars. Bono has also invested in Dropbox.

Bono's Assets.

Bono’s Dublin Mansion cost him 15 million US dollars, which come with a swimming pool. His Manhattan, New York apartment clocked in at 15 million US dollars with its built in Jacuzzi. His Eze-bord de-mer mansion values at 10 million US dollars which includes a beach!

Bono's Luxury Cars and Boats.

Bono’s luxurious Maserati Quattroporte costs 108,700 US dollars. Cruising his way across oceans and seas with The Cyan, came at a cost of 250,000 US dollars. The 450 SEL Mercedes manufactured car he drives costs 95,325 US dollars. Bono’s Volkswagen manufactured Tiguan cost him 25,755 US dollars, the Tesla Roadster cost him 92,000 US dollars. The 916 Ducati bike cost him a whopping 9,500 US dollars.

When he isn’t making millions and jamming with the band, he’s busy trying to save the world.Bono finds company in the likes of Bill Clinton, Liam Neeson and Nelson Mandela. For a millionaire, Bono has a lot more compassion than one would think. Humanitarian, Philanthropist and Musician, Bono has won the hearts of millions over the years and continues to do so. What U2 would have become without their frontman, we don’t know, but this we do- Bono is an ethereal superstar with more heart than any other in his generation. He may not be a billionaire yet, but he’s definitely on his way to being one.

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