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Anthony Romeo Santos Net Worth + Biography

Romeo Santos estimated net worth is approx. $33 Million (as of 2017). He is an actor, American singer, record producer, songwriter, and former lead vocalist for American “bachata” group Aventura. But, how he has managed that fortune? What are his income resources?

Let us have a look as to from where it all started for him. His journey started after joining the group "Aventura", formed in 1997. The group got its first break in 1999, and from there it took the “bachata” to a whole new level.



 anthony romeo santos net worth biography

Full Name - Anthony Romeo Santos

D.O.B - 21st July, 1981

Place of Birth - Bronx, New York city

Partner - Francelys, she is a co-artist in the Aventura Group and a childhood friend of Santos

Favorite Brand - Versace

Net Worth - $33 Million

His Idol- Floyd Mayweather

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The group broke in 2011 and then again united in 2014. This was the time when it sold all the tickets of the Yankee Stadium. And as they, the rest is history. Santos roots are in Africa, as his father is from Dominican Republic whereas his mother belongs to Puerto Rico.


Wealth Resources of Anthony “Romeo” Santos

We all would be quite eager to know as to from where Santos has accumulated this wealth. The only major source of Santos wealth is music only. He is a lead singer in the renowned Bachata Group, Aventura.

His first single title “You” got released in 2011 and since then, he has gone strength to strength and has reached this pinnacle of success. It is noteworthy to see that Roneo Santos is one of those few artists, who have managed to successfully sell all the tickets of the Yankee Stadium, when a concert was organized there in 2014.

You might have got a slight idea as to how popular Santos is in the West. To give a fair idea of his popularity, we would like to tell you that Santos has more than 6 million subscribers on Youtube. Now this is some following. He has also done duet with Usher titled as “Promise”. His album “Propuesta Incendete” has reached over 700 million views on YouTube.

Given the humble beginnings of the group Aventura, His wealth has been on the elevator since the turn of the decade. His net worth in 2010 was a mere $2.3 Million. His current wealth is the testimony to his hard work and commitment to his work. He has also featured in the Fast and Furious Series, with his debut coming in Furious 7.


Romeo Santos Earnings

He earns about $100,000 from his each show. Moreover, his record sales fetch him about $127,000 each year. 2014 was his successful year until now where his sales went over $350,000. Apart from that, he also earns from songwriting. He is not entered into any endorsements as of yet.



Romeo santos Income from Sales
$100,000 Per Show
$127,000 Sales Per Year
$350,000 in 2014
$294,000 in 2015
$325,000 in 2016


Where he lives? The Romeo Santos House!

Santos owns a capacious mansion in The Bronx vicinity of New York. The property houses a spa, a Jacuzzi, a gym among many other luxuries. The property alone commands a price of more than $3 Million.


Private Jet + Cars Collection of Romeo santos

When it comes to the coupes, Santos is firm believer in quality than quantity. Currently, his garage houses a Bugatti Veyron, Mercedes G-class. He has one Bentley Continental GT. The list comes to end with a Porsche 911. He also owns his private jet.

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Apparels of Santos

Romeo Santos has quite a taste for fashion, especially clothing. His favorite brand is said to be Versace.


Romeo Santos Knowledge Graph!

His solo "Llévame Contigo" reached at number 19 in the Bubbling under Hot 100 Singles chart.

Romeo Santos was nominated for Grammy Award (Best Traditional Tropical Latin Album) Formula, Vol. 1.

Romeo Santos has done a duet with singer Usher for the song "Promise."

Romeo Santos has made the entry in Latin Billboard Top 10 charts with the song "Obsession."

Romeo Santos was grown in The Bronx, NY. His mother was from Puerto Rica and his father was Dominican.

Interestingly, all the members of the actual Aventura group are Santos and have their roots in Dominican Republic.




Romeo Santos is a bearer of immense talent. When it comes to singing, he can surely give you a run for your money in that very discipline. Santos is an inheritor of pure talent.

And, if we give the whole thing a monetary view then, Romeo Santos commands a net worth of about $33 Million. That may seem a bit less, but given the fact that Santos is just 35 years of age, you could see that the amount he has earned is too good.  

Now, we have discussed a lot about the wealth of Santos, his success story and lifestyle. We hope you enjoyed this net worth. If you are willing to know more about him.

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