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 Mr. Donald Trump is the new President of United States; he is too much powerful and rich as his nation. Donald Trump claims his net worth to be more than $8.7 Billion (as of 2017). And, when you will go through the survey done by us, then you will realize that even his claims hold water.



 donald trump net worth wealth faq assets and biography

Name - Donald John Trump

D.O.B. - 14th June, 1946

Place of Birth - New York City

Profession - Entrepreneur, Builder, Politician

Alma Mater - University of Pennsylvania and Fordham University

Political Affiliation - Republicans

Spouse (s) - Ivana Zalnickova (1977-91)

                     Marla Maples (1993-99)

                     Melinia Knauss Trump (M. 2005)

 Children - Donald Jr, Eric, Barron, Tiffany and Ivanka.



The name says it all. And believe us; he is as bullish as his name. He is very much outspoken and he does not speak to please. For, he finds that there is no greatness in giving people false happiness. He is an entrepreneur, he is a television artist, he also served is army.


Breakdown of the Donald Trump Net Worth and his Wealth FAQ


Donald Trump’s real estimated net worth is about $4 Billion (which is surely going to rise higher and higher after taking the charge as US President). Donald Trump stands on 156th on the richest Billionaire list of Forbes in 2016, his main source of wealth are Television and Real Estate.


What are the roots of Donald Trump’s wealth?


Whether Trump owns a fortune of $4 Billion or $8.7 Billion, it is a different story. What matters is as to how he has earned such a colossal amount and what is the base of his empire from where he derives this value?

The major share of his income is down to the real estate business he is commanding. The base of this organization was given by Trump’s father, way back in 1962. By 1971, Trump was made the chairman of the company, and then he renamed the firm as The Trump Organization. He currently owns various avenues, hotels, casinos and golf clubs in and around the vicinity of New York.


What properties Donald Trump has in New York?

You may also surprise to know that he holds too much luxurious properties alone in New York, and the price tag of these properties is as big as owner Trump. Take a look!



His Trump Park Avenue at New York is worth $175 Million. The Trump International Hotel at Central Park, NY is priced at about $39 Million. The Spring Creet Towers at Brooklyn fetch him a fortune of about $26 Million.

He also owns Trump World Tower at United Nations Plaza, which is said to be about $30 Million and another Trump Plaza at 3rd Avenue worth about $15 Million.

Well, if you think that this list should end here, then we believe you must wait a little. Because, the big boys are on their way.

He owns the Nike Town at 5th Street which is valued at about $390 Million. He owns the famous 1290 Ave of Americas and it is one of the costliest properties of Trump with a worth of whopping $410 Million. He has one more Trump Tower to his name at 725th Avenue which is valued to be $370 Million. He owns another of his business foundations at 40th Wall Street which is believed to be about $348 Million.


The Expansion of his brand outside New York!

The best part of Trump’s business antics has been his ability to improvise and expand and the same thing, he has done in terms of the cities he has invested in. He expanded his proceedings to major cities like California, Chicago, Las Vegas, Florida and Miami.


What are Donald Trump’s major properties outside New York?

Let us have a small look at his properties there.

Trump Tower Chicago worth usd 120 Million

Trump Tower, Chicago- $120 Million

Seven Springs Bedford usd 18 Million

Seven Springs, Bedford- $18 Million

Trump International Hotel worth usd 70 Million

Trump International Hotel, Las Vegas- $70 Million

Trump Tower 555 California Street San Francisco worth usd 320 Million

Trump Tower, 555 California Street, San Francisco- $320 Million

Mar A Lago trump s Palm Beach florida mansion usd 150 Million

Mar-A-Lago, Palm Beach, Florida- $150 Million

Trump International Hotel Washington DC usd 105 Million

Trump International Hotel, Washington DC- $105 Million

Trump National Doral miami worth usd 170 Million

Trump National Doral, Miami- $170 Million



How many golf clubs Donald Trump owns?

Mr. Trump is known for his larger than life persona. So are his habits and interests. He is not a one to hold back and live like a sage. Instead, he lives his life in full throttle.


Donald Trump s Golf courses value 310 million us dollars


Mr. Trump owns about 10 golf courses in all of the United States and the cumulative worth of these courses is calculated to be about $230 Million. Most notable of these are Westchester Club, New York Club and the course at Palos Verde in Calif.

He also owns 3 more golf courses in Ireland and Scotland, and these courses carry a combined worth of about $80 Million. Thus, his all 13 golf courses are worth $310 Million.


Donald Trump’s Abodes

Well, after reading such a plethora of foundations under Trump’s banner, you would be eager to know as to how his residence would look like.


Where does Donald Trump lives? Pictures of Donald Trump’s House

Donald Trump has 4 major mansions for his leisure. And they are in New York Beverly Hills and Florida. In NY, Trump has his own Trump Tower Penthouse which is in a sprawling area of 30,000 sq. ft. The property is said to be worth more than $90 Million. This penthouse is located at floor number 62 in his New York's Trump Tower.


Trump Tower Penthouse

Trump Tower Penthouse - worth more than $90 Million (↑ ↓)

Trump Tower Penthouse 2

Other mansions of Donald Trump ↓

 donald trump Beverly Hills residence

Donald Trump's Beverly Hills Mansion - Worth $8.5 Million

Mar A Lago trump s Palm Beach florida mansion usd 150 Million

Trump's Florida Mansion - worth $150 Million

His Beverly Hills residence commands a value of about $8.5 Million and the Florida mansion is valued to be about $150 Million. He also owns a Winery at Charlottesville which is about $34 Million.


Donald Trump’s Conveyance

If the thought of Trump traveling from airplanes ever crossed your mind, believe me, you are on your way to become an astrologer, because Trump indeed travels through air-crafts most of the times. He owns 4 air-crafts, out of which two are helicopters and two are airplanes. Trump has got two Sirkorsky S-76B Helicopters, of 1989 and 1990 models.


Trump s Sirkorsky S 76B Helicopter 2

Donald Trump's Sirkorsky S-76B Helicopters (↑ ↓)

Trump s Sirkorsky S 76B Helicopter

Trump's Planes ↓

donald trump jet Cessna 750 Citation X

Trump's Private Jet Cessna 750 Citation X

Donald Trump s Boeing 757 plane

Trump's Boeing 757

Whereas his fixed wing aircraft squad features one Cessna 750 Citation X and another one is Boeing 757. His toys cost him about $40 Million. Soon, he is going to enjoy the royalty and pleasure of Airforce One.



Donald Trump’s favorite cars in his huge cars collection!

Actually he prefers traveling by air, but it does not mean that he hate cars. Donald Trump has a more than huge collection of cars. He rarely drives but he enjoy them at his places instead of city roads. Here you can see some of his favorite cars.



This is what Donald Trump is, purely on terms of his wealth. And, now he is elected as the President of the United States. It would be nice to see as to where it takes his fortune. For now, he is on his way to the richest to the most powerful man in the world. Still willing to know more about him?

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