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Curious, How much is Kim Jong Un's Net worth in 2017? Here you will get all the answers about Kim Jong Un's Wealth and Life. Actually, Our series of world wealthiest often includes the greatest of the minds and people. In fact, the person featuring today’s edition is also quite famous and great (in some sense). He has done great things, terrible, yet great. We are sure you would be intrigued as to who is going to be this man. Well, he is Hitler reborn.

He is quite infamous for his perpetual human rights violation. You might have got an idea that we are talking about the Chairperson of the Workers Party of Korea and the supremo of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea which we today know as North Korea. Yes! He is Kim Jong-un.

Kim Jong Un Net Worth 2017 + Biography

He was born on 8, January 1984 in Pyongyang; he is the youngest son of Kim Jong-il who became the First Supreme Leader of North Korea later on. His wife, Ko Yong-hui, is an opera singer. Kim Il-sung was the Kim Jong-un’s grandfather and he is believed to be North Korea’s real founding father.



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Kim Jong Un Wealth

$6 Billion

Name - Kim Jong-un

D.O.B. - 8TH January 1984 (Pyongyang)

Parents - Kim Jong-il and his consort Ko-Yong Hui

Spouse - Ri- Sol Ju

Children - 1 daughter named Kim Ju Ae

Alma mater - Kim Il-sung University

                    Kim Il-sung Military University

                    HELP University

Hobbies - Basketball and action movies

On Forbes - #43 Powerful People (2016)


Kim Jong-un is an alumnus of Kim-II Sung Military University and Kim-II Sung University. After his studies, he straight away entered politics in the year 2010. Given his military training, he is also the Marshal of the Republic of Korea.

Since, then he is at the helm. He succeeded his father at a relatively young age of 28.


Breakdown of the Kim Jong Un Net Worth

Kim Jong-un net worth is calculated to be around $6 Billion (as of 2017). Such a colossal amount is lying deposited in various banks of China, Switzerland, and Luxembourg etc. and he gained it all only at the age of 33.

Given the fact that he is the supreme commander and a de facto dictator, we can very well imagine as to how rich he would be. Hence, let us a take a deeper look into his assets and their sources.

Given that people have seen him in a black suit and always carrying a serious face, it is often carried that he is a simple man. But, we are afraid that it is not at all true. He is infamous for being a sadist and he has left his people in tatters. He lives a lavish life whereas his countrymen are groping in the darkness of poverty and malnutrition.


Kim Jong Un’s Assets

Kim Jong-un is the de facto king of North Korea and he lives his life in kings’ way too. He spends money as if the cash grows on trees. He has a huge brigade of cars, though he prefers to traverse by air.

Recently, it was reported that the construction five airstrips is underway near to his family palace. His palace is in the port city of Wonsan and he has already turned it into a beach resort city with all the luxuries. And, since he is the ruler there, he expects everything there to be world class, even the beach, which is a natural place.



Kim Jong Un’s Palace

Kim Jong Un house Palace

His palace is not just a palace, because, it houses various villas in its premises which are used to hold parties and conferences. (Though, conference is a mere word.) His town is nothing short of a Mauritius beach.

Kim Jong Un’s Yacht and Jet

Kim Jong Un Yacht

Kim Jong Un's Yacht

Kim Jong Un private jet Ilyushin IL 62

Kim Jong Un's Private Jet

Another thing which really enthralls Kim Jon-un is yacht. His latest yacht is a 200 ft Princess 95MY. Its total cost in around $7 Million. His private jet is Ilyushin IL-62 and not to mention that his jet is also private suite.

Kim Jong Un’s Ski Resort

Kim Jong Un ski resort

Kim Jong believes that every luxury known to man should be at his doorstep itself. So, he ordered a ski resort to be built for his leisure. The ski resort is said to be built after gulping $20 Million. The ski resort has ski runs, hotels, cable cars and helipad in it.

He is also very fond of horse riding and go-carting. And since, the North Korean regime is a secretive state; we could not really dig in the exact amounts. Still, there is not an inch of a doubt that Kim Jong-un spends billions in his personal interests while his people suffer in agony.

He is also very much fond of leather products and alcohol. His alcohol, leather products, watches and other goods cost North Korea about $65 Million a year.


What are Kim Jong Un’s Wealth Resources?

Kim Jong-un is from a family of political leaders. His father Kim Jong-il was the Supremo of North Korea till his death and Jon-un has succeeded him. Hence, it is very much clear as to from where Jong-un attained power. Ad, when it comes to money, we can see that he has literally sucked up all the wealth of North Korea.

He is an ally of China, hence he gets a lot of favor from the Communist Govt. in China and that is the reason there is very less monopoly over Chinese trade in North Korea. Moreover, there are lot of allegations on Jong-un of illicit trades such as drug trafficking and faking US currency. Jong-un is a clear enemy of the Unite States and that is why he is hell bent on producing nuclear weapons despite numerous sanctions.




This is all about the person who seems to be a friend of the rich and an enigma for the poor. He has various sanction lodged against him for encouraging nuclear warfare and for violating human rights numerous times. He has been accused of executing people who are not loyal to him. Recently, the whole family of Jang-Sung Taek was executed because Jang stood against him.



Jang was executed for committing treachery. We can only leave it up to time and karma when Kim Jong-un meets his fate.

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