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The Syrian President Bashar Al Assad net worth is about $1.6 Billion in 2017. It is rumored over internet that he is died in a ’stroke’ this year. But, that was completely “hoax”, he is alive and living well.

“Bashar Al Assad” It is the name which you might have heard numerous times over the past few years. He is the President of Syria. He has been in office for the last 17 years as he assumed the baton on 17th July 2016.

Being the President of the nation, he is also the commander-in-chief of the defense forces. He has been criticized vehemently for the way he has handled the Syrian conflict and the rise of ISIS.

Another important position Al Assad holds is that of the General Secretary of the Baath Party. And for all his power and stature, Al Assad has equally amount of fortune in his closets. His cumulative net worth for the year 2017 has been calculated to be about $1.6 Billion. Though, there are many claims that Al Assad is worth more than that


How much is Bashar Al Assad Net Worth? + Biography

Bashar al Assad was born on 11th September 1965 in Damascus. He has a net worth currently stands at an impressive $1.6 Billion (As of 2017). After the death of his father (in car accident) he was elected as the President of Syria. His father had ruled the nation for 30 years, till his death.

 bashar al assad net worth biography networthm 2017

Full Name - Bashar Hafez Al Assad

D.O.B. - 11th September, 1965

Place of Birth - Damascus, Syria

Profession - Politician

Alma Mater - University of Damascus    

Father - Hafez Al Assad

Spouse - Asma Al Assad (married in 2000)

Children - 1 daughter, Zein

                 2 sons Karim and Hafez




Bashar Al Assad has graduated in medicine from the University of Damascus. Just after his graduation, he was enrolled in the military. He was under training in London for ophthalmology, when he was recalled by his father as his brother died in a car accident.

This was the dawn of a new regime as Bashar Al Assad was seen as the next President of Syria. In 2000, he assumed the post of the President. As soon as he came to power, Al Assad, reforms and revolts both started taking place.

Al Assad, being a critic of the US and Saudi Arabia, made links with the Hezbollah and started to topple the Lebanon regime.

It started the ill-famed Damascus Spring and the start of a civil war. A war which still shows no signs of recuperation. And that consequently gave rise to the Syrian uprisings which gave birth to the barbaric group ISIS. Now, the economy of Syria is left in tatters and the condition of the Syrian people is known by everyone. They are refugees in their own country.

There have been numerous sanctions against Al Assad, especially by the human rights organizations.



Net worth of Bashar Al Assad and its roots…!

Whether Al Assad owns a $1.6 Billion or more, it is an entirely different story. What matters is as to how he went on to accumulate such a colossal amount and what is the foundation on which Al Assad has built his empire.

The major chunk of his wealth is down to the active part he has played in politics. He has been quite active in politics since 1990s, hence, we can understand as to how this much wealth was gathered.

Moreover, Al Assad has real estates and other forms of assets in various countries such as Russia, Switzerland, the US among others. But, given the crisis in Syria, many of his assets have been held by the law enforcement agencies in Switzerland.



Bashar Al Assad Lifestyle and Palace

Bashar Al Assad lives a very royal way. Hence, he used to live in a palace at Damascus, called as the New Shaab Palace. The palace was designed by the famous Japanese architect Kenzo Tange.

Tange designed it in 1976 but the building was completed by 1990. It was meant for Bashar’s father, but he refused to live in there and wanted his successor to live there.

 bashar al assad palace


The palace is really royal and though, it is made in white Carrara marble, it will still remind you of the ancient Mughal times. The cost of its total built is assumed to be $90 Million.

But, the irony is that since the unrest in Syria, Al Assad hardly stays there. The reports suggest that he has either shifted to him hometown of Latakia or he is under the security cover of Russia.

So, right now this is what we could give you about Bashar Al Assad net worth and Bio 2017. Today he might be the President of Syria but just on papers. It remains to be seen as to from now on where does his fortune takes him.

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