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Jesse Duplantis net worth is approx. $50 Million (as of 2017), he is the founder of Jesse Duplantis Ministries. Have you ever come across a saint with a net worth of $50 Million and that $50 Million has been accumulated by people’s faith?? If not, then meet Jesse Duplantis. He is a preacher, a gospel, a powerful orator, a follower and missionary of peace.

But, the introduction has not ended yet. Mr Duplantis is also a minister in Evangelical Charismatic Christian foundation, based in New Orleans, Louisiana, US. His missions and his oratory has led him to achieve a cult status among the masses and that is the reason as to why is he is the unprecedented king of the 450 Million dollar property.




Jesse Duplantis Net Worth 2017 + Biography


jesse duplantis net worth biography 

Date of Birth - July 9, 1949 (age 68)

 Birth Place - New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Church - Christianity (Pentecostal)

Congregations served - Covenant Church

 Offices held - President, JDM Headquarters

Total Wealth - $50 Million

Jesse Duplantis Official Website


Jesse Duplantis Early Career

He was born in Louisiana, United States, Jesse Duplantis made tryst with his faith and he became a gospel of affluence. He preached his first homily in 1976 and his first public appearance came in 1978 when he featured in a TV Show titled “The Apostle of Joy”. John Hagee was the person for his venture on social media and since then, the man Jesse Duplantis has not even looked back.

He went on to become the founder of Jesse Duplantis Ministries which has its headquarters in the United States. Not only this, its other branches are situated in UK and Australia too.

Since, then, Duplantis has become an emissary of people’s well-being and the masses look up to him for solutions and peace out of their disturbed lives. He has appeared on various TV shows and channels

Jesse Duplantis has also written about 8 books which revolves around the faith in Christianity and Jesus. His most famous work of all is “Close Encounters of the God Kind”. This book talks about heaven and hell, goods and sins and man’s relationship with Jesus. Not only this, his books have been translated into 13 different languages. In a nutshell, he is a self-proclaimed God man.


Breakdown of Jesse Duplantis Net Worth

As we have discussed earlier that Net Worth of Jesse Duplantis is about $50 Million. And, with the description above, you might be thinking that he is just a preacher, like any other saint, then how is he the owner of $50 Million??

Let us discuss his worth and the sources from where he accumulates such a large amount.

  1. Duplantis is a strong, powerful orator and his oratory skills have done wonders for him. People follow him as if he is the only medium to God. His appearance on TV Shows and his sermons earn him more than $22 Million each year.
  2. Jesse Duplantis Ministries - This firm basically looks over all of Duplantis’ TV appearance and his commercial ventures.
  3. Books - Duplantis writings have garnered rave review from the people and he earns about $4 Million from his publishers.





Assets of Jesse Duplantis

Jesse gets that amount of money just by waking up which you cannot earn by working for years too. That is his persona. And he is not just saint, he lives life kings size. We are now going to divulge the details of his assets and to start with, why not tell you about his abode at the first place.


Jesse Duplantis House(s)

He owns one huge 25 room mansion in River Road in the Destrehan suburbs of Louisiana.  This property commands a price of $6 Million and the same is said to be used a church rectory too.


jesse duplantis house Destrehan

(Jesse Duplantis House in Destrehan)

The best part about the business of faith is that Jesse does not have to pay a single penny as tax. This property is in a sprawling area of 35000 square foot.


He is the owner of one more estate, this time in the Ormond Boulevard. The manse is said to be housing about 20 rooms and it also came at a price of $3 Million only.

jesse duplantis house Ormond Boulevard

(Jesse Duplantis House in Ormond Boulevard)


It would be a shame to say that both the houses are equipped with every luxury known to man. Most surprising part is that, these properties have been bought from the Church donations.


Jesse Duplantis Jet(s)

Yes, you read that right. The man takes the aerial whenever he wants. Jesse Duplantis has three jets at his disposal. The first jet he bought was way back in 2010.


jesse duplantis private jet Cessna CJ770

(Jesse Duplantis Private Jet Cessna CJ770)

One of them is Cessna CJ770. The price of this aircraft is said to be $5 Million. The total valuation of his three jets has been touted to be $29 Million.


Jesse Duplantis Cars Collection

Jesse Duplantis dies not have much affinity with the cars as most of the times he travels with the coupes provided by the church.


Jesse Duplantis rolls royce phantom car

(Jesse Duplantis Rolls Royce Phantom - Worth: $349,000)

But still, he has one Rolls Royce Phantom, 2006 Model in his garage which is said to be worth $349,000. He also has one Bentley and one Aston Martin crowning his motorcade.




Conclusion about net worth of Jesse Duplantis!

All this has been earned from the donations people have made and they don’t even realize it. Actually, sometimes it makes us wonder, if we are really progressing. Anyways, he is enjoying his life and nobody bother about it. He has got $50 Million by his woks and maybe he would be satisfied with it.

But if you are not still satisfied with the provided information and looking to know more about him?

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