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Lamer Odom latest estimated net worth is US$57 Million (as of 2017). Born on 6th November, 1979, Lamar Odom is a basketball veteran and an actor from the US. He was touted as the undisputed maverick of the game and who would give any team a cutting edge against the opponents. But, for now first take a look at his wealth and personal life.


Lamar Odom Net Worth 2017 + Biography


 lamar odom net worth and biography

Name - Lamar Odom

D.O.B - 06/11/1979

Place of Birth - Queens, New York

Height - 6′ 10″

Occupation - Retired Basketball player, Casual Actor, Entrepreneur

Spouse - Khloe Kardashian, they married in 2009.

Children - Has 2 sons and 1 daughter. But, he lost his youngest son in 2006.

Annual Salary - $8.2 Million

Net Worth – US$54 Million (as of Nov. 2016)



It is a matter of intrigue as to how Lamar turned into such a celebrity. It was in 1999 when Lamar was picked up by an NBA clubs, LA Clippers. Having made a name for himself there, he moved on to Miami Heats in the year 2003. He gave the Miamis a big head up and went on to become a huge player for them.



Though, he had quite a lot of success before, but the Midas touch was given to him by one of the most prestigious clubs in NBA, the Los Angeles Lakers. By the turn of the decade, Lamar was earning to the score of $20-22 Million every year. Though that number decreased to $10-13 Million when he neared his retirement.

Having spent almost 7 years with the Lakers, Lamar went on to play for other clubs Dallas Mavericks and New York Knicks. Lamar retired from active basketball in 2014. Moreover, he has also won the Bronze Medal at the 2004 Athens Olympics while representing US. Lamar has acted in almost 13 TV reality shows too.


Breakdown of the Lamar Odom’s Net Worth

Lamar Odom is regarded as one of the most popular former NBA Player and his accumulated wealth speaks for his diversified genius. Currently, Lamar Odom’s latest net worth has been calculated to be around US$57 Million.

While he was playing, his net was reached about $75 Million. But now, his marketability has faded given his run in with the law and law makers, and due to his health conditions as well. But, still he commands a worth of about $54 Million.

You may be surprised to know that a worth of $57 Million is a far cry from what Lamar used to earn and he was worth about. Since, he has retired from active basketball, he has lost his fair earning shares too.


What is Lamar Odom Annual Salary?

At present, the major chunk of his salary comes from his NBA pay cheques only which are more than $8.2 Million cumulatively. Apart from his basketball payouts, he also earns through the TV shows and endorsements.



How Much Lamar Odom earns from endorsements?

His endorsements pocket him more than $3 Million a year and the same is the case with his TV Shows as well. His projected salary through his TV soaps is around $1.7 Million per year.


How much is Lamar Odom annual income?

But, this was not the case few years back. Before retirement, Lamar was used to getting a about $20-23 Million a year. But after retirement he still get approximately US$10-13 Million per year (Including NBA Paycheck + TV Shows + Endorsements).


Lamar Odom Net Worth Over the Years

Year Earnings
2010 $16,500,000
2011 $22.5 million
2012 $27.4 million
2013 $18.9 millon
2014 $11.2 million
2015 $12.3 million


And in year 2016 he got about 12.1 Million more from all of his earning resources. Moreover, Lamar is also the owner of a production corporation titled as Rich Soil Entertainment. So, that makes sure that his accounts remain filled all the time.


What Assets Lamar Odom has?

He might have surpassed his prime but this NBA starlet surely knows how to spend his cash. Lamar has a villa which is worth more than $4 Million at Clabasas. It is believed to be in the sculpt of Mediterranean design.

He also owns a bungalow at Florida, which is a spacious property in a sprawling area of more than 2000sq ft. Well, the list ends with his another villa at California. He also owned a bungalow in Miami, but due to financial strains, the property was put on sale.



What cars Lamar Odom drives?

Now, coming on to his love for cars, Lamar believes in quality.

He currently garages Rolls Royce Drophead. It was gifted to him by hi ex beau Khloe Kardashian. Moreover, he also owns a Mercedes Benz S65 which is believed to be about $67,000.


Lamar Odom’s dark side 

Lamar has had numerous altercations with the law, as he has been caught driving and drinking way too many times. He was suspended a lot of times in his playing career as well.

Last year i.e. in October 2015, Lamar suffered a dangerous stroke along with a kidney failure, so strong was that strokes that it would have proved to be fatal. Fortunately, he is well on his road to recovery. Khloe even filed for a divorce due to his incessant drinking, but due to his health conditions, she has come around.



His Philanthropy

Lamar has founded a charitable organization in the name of his mother, Cathy’s Kids which is focused on children suffering with cancer.


Conclusion about net worth of Lamar Odom:

Being an NBA Champion for the 2009 and 2010 seasons, Lamar Odom has also been accorded with the NBA Sixth Man of the Year title for the year 2011.

Having played for clubs like Los Angeles Lakers and Dallas Mavericks, Odom was one of the most affluent athletes during his prime. As you have seen, he earned too much name and fame throughout his career. He is still maintained it even after his retirements from NBA. HOPE SO!

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