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“The King of Basketball Court" aka LeBron James estimated net worth is approx. $325 Million (as of 2017) and today we will analyze that how he gained it? What are the sources of wealth of LeBron James? Etc.

In today’s world, where the terms “Maverick”, “Wizard” are thrown more often, we hardly find people who ply their trade in the best and in the most unimaginable way and leave their impression in our minds.

But, fortunately that is not the case when we are talking about LeBron James, who is an American basketball player and also a two times Olympic winner with the US basketball team. And, it is just a minuscule fraction of the awards and accolades he has achieved till now.

Given his achievements on the court, he is bound to succeed off court too and that has made his net worth cruise to a whopping $325 Million in 2017. And these are just the official numbers.



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Name - LeBron Raymone James

D.O.B. - 30 Dec 1984 (Akron, Ohio, USA)

Profession - Professional Basketball Player

Country - The United States

Clubs - Cleveland Cavaliers and Miami Heats

Salary - 30.97 million USD (2017)

Position - P-Word (#23 / Power forward)

Height - 2.03 M. (6 ft. 6 inches)

Spouse - Savannah Brinson (m. 2013)

Children - Zhuri James, Bryce Maximus James, LeBron James Jr.

Official Website - http://www.lebronjames.com/



How much is LeBron James Net Worth in 2017?

The actual net worth of LeBron James is approx. $325 Million (as of 2017), we have researched and analyzed all the figures available about LeBron’s net worth.

In fact you’ll find too many different figures over the internet about his wealth. Some news says that his net worth is about $400-485 million and because of huge figures about his wealth this topic became much more interesting and wildly searched one topic over the internet.

But, according to few authentic news LeBron’s real net worth is about $325 million. This is also true that he has made $156 million from his NBA salaries and made it as overall of about $325 million. Let see how much LeBron James earns? Out of the basketball’s court.


How much LeBron James earns from endorsements?

Being such a star in the game, which is the most popular game in the United States, it should not be surprising that numerous brands have hooked in James as their ambassador. To name a few, LeBron has signed deals with Coca-Cola, Nike, Beats, Kia Motor and Upper Deck. His endorsements alone fetch him over a $47-48 Million.

Don't be surprised to know that his recent deal with Nike was said to be over $88 Million.

Not only this, James is also a major shareholder in one of the biggest pizza chains in the States, working under the brand name Blaze Pizza. It has been regarded as one of the fastest progressing food chains in the States and with James’ name behind it, we should be quite sanguine about its further successes.


LeBron James Career Briefs:

LeBron James made his Cleveland debut in the 2003-04 seasons where he was a rookie and had limited shots. But he shot to prominence in the next season itself. And that marked the start of a glorious era for James.

James, also known as, King James is famous for his shooting skills and being a multifarious player, he has carved a niche for himself in the basketball arena.

James has really toiled his way to the glory. Staying on the very top of your game in the most arduous basketball championship in the world is really very demanding and difficult.

He also played for the U.S. Olympic team in 2004 (Athens), and for the U.S. team in World Championships (in 2006).

LeBron James is one of the highest paid basketball players exists today. He has also achieved over 10,000 points throughout his career.


LeBron James Lifestyle

Now it seems legit that when a man can donate such colossal amounts, then of course he would be suing some part of earnings for himself too. James is no exception. He has redefined the words “luxury” and royalty altogether.



LeBron James Cars and Houses!

He recently bought a mansion in the Akron area and got it refurnished. The property is said to be housing six bedroom suites in it and eight full baths. To say that the house has a Jacuzzi and other luxuries in it would be a shame. The property alone commands a worth of above $65 Million.

James has another mansion at Ohio, which is known to be worth $11 Million. It is in a sprawling area of about 30,000 sq. ft.

We come to only one conclusion, that James is not the one to shy when it comes to spending cash, doesn’t believe us? Just see the video below containing LeBron James Cars Collection and Houses. (Must visit our channel networthm at Youtube and subscribe us for upcoming videos of more celebrities net worth and their luxuries)



LeBron James Cars Collection

Sportsmen and cars have a special and unbreakable bond. Rather, this bond keeps on strengthening only. Given the fact that James has been awarded with the accolade of the physical specimen in sports. We can expect James’ choice of cars to be brawny yet magnificent.


12 Favorite cars of LeBron James are:

#1. Lamborghini Aventador

Approx Price: $670,000

#2. Porsche 911 Turbo S

Approx Price: $180,000+, HP: 560, 0 to 60: 2.9 Sec

#3. Bentley Continental GT

Approx Price: $175,000+, HP: 616, 0 to 60: 4.4 Sec

#4. Rolls-Royce Phantom

Approx Price: $450,000+, HP: 453, 0 to 60: 5.6 Sec

#5. Dodge Challenger SRT

Approx Price: $45,000, HP: 340, 0 to 60: 4.2 Sec

#6. Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG

Approx Price: $140,000+, HP: 621, 0 to 60: 3.3 Sec

#7. Range Rover HSE

Approx Price: $88,000+, HP: 340, 0 to 60: 8.1 Sec

#8. Ferrari 458

Approx Price: $233,509+, HP: 570, 0 to 60: 3.7 Sec

#9. 1975 Chevy Impala

Approx Price: $20-$40,000, HP: 350, 0 to 60: 14.1 Sec

#10. Chevy Camaro SS

Approx Price: $30-45,000, HP: 426, 0 to 60: 4.8 Sec

#11. Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

Approx Price: $25,000+, HP: 212, 0 to 60: 10.1 Sec

#12. Mayback 57-S

Approx Price: $376,300, HP: 360, 0 to 60: 4.3 Sec



LeBron James philanthropy

When it comes to philanthropy, nobody gets better than James. He keeps making numerous donations, ranging from hospitals to educational institutions. Recently, he pledges full-fledged scholarships to numerous students in the University of Akron. He donated about $2 Million to the Museum of African American History.

This is what James is. He works for six months a year and then goes off for a holiday spending his cash in. This definitely a sign of Royalty redefined.

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