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Love, Metta world peace aka Ron Artest? Or willing to know that how rich is Ron Artest? Well Ron Artest net worth is approx. $35 Million (as of 2017). Let be with us and know how he achieved it? How was his journey?

Metta world peace was born as Ronald William Artest, Jr. on November 13th, 1979. Metta world peace is an American basketball player and he plays for the Los Angeles Lakers of the national basketball association. Before legally changing his name in September 2011 Metta world peace was known as Ron Artest.



Metta World Peace Net Worth + Biography

The current net worth of Metta world peace is 35 million dollars (as of 2017). For the year 2016 Metta world peace made 1.652 million dollars as salary from his basketball games. Metta world peace has sponsored several brands. Some of those well-known brands make sneakers such as a K1x and Ball’ N.


 metta world peace aka ron artest net worth biography

Full Name - Ronald William Artest Jr.

Date of Birth - November 13, 1979

Birth Place - Queens, in New York, USA

Height - 6' 7" (2.01 m)

Weight - 263 lbs (119 kg.)

Marital Status - Divorced (Kimsha Artest)

Wealth Resource - NBA

Profession - Occupation Professional Basketball Player

Education - St. John's University, La Salle Academy

Net Worth - $35 Million (as of 2017)


Metta world peace is known for his business acumen and charitable deeds. He sold one his Champions League ring for the New York charities. He also owns and run RnB music production house and promotes his music when he isn’t playing basketball.


Metta World Peace Cars Collection

He loves to ride in sports cars and he owns some luxury cars in his cars collection. Lexus car, Mercedes, Custom sports car are few of them. You can watch this video to see his huge cars collection.



Metta World Peace Career Journey

Metta world peace gained his name in the world of basketball league matches as a premier defender and with his ability to play a defensive game. He led his teams to win the NBA championship for the year 2004. In his career, he has won all the NBA all-star honors and awards.

However, because of his impulsive lifestyle, he has been in several controversial on court cases. One of the most notable cases was the Malice at the Palace. He is an outspoken person and sometimes behaves on instinct. However, these incidences have not affected his game of basketball.



Metta world peace was criticized during his rookie season in Chicago for applying for a job in circuit city so that he can get the employee discount. In the year 2009 Metta World Peace during his interview with the Sporting news admitted that he led a wild lifestyle when he was a young player. Moreover, that he drank Hennessy Cognac in the locker room during the halftime while he was with the Bulls team.

In 2004 he was seen wearing a bathrobe over his practice uniform to symbolize taking it easy in life. In 2003 Metta World Peace was suspended for 3 continuous games because he destroyed a T V camera at the Madison Square Garden. After that in the same year, he was also accused of a confrontation with the Miami Heat coach Pat Riely. Because of which he was banned for further four games in the same year.

In the year 2007 Metta World Peace was arrested for domestic violence. He did 10 days only in jail. On March 10, 2007, Metta World Peace announced his coming back to the game of basketball. However, in 2007/2008 NBA season, Metta World Peace was banned from a few games due to some legal issues. All in all, Metta World Peace to this date has lost up to 5 million dollars in salary because of his wild character off and on the game field.

In the year 2010 Metta world peace won the NBA Championship playing for the Los Angeles Lakers. He started playing his first game at the school level. In college, he joined the basketball team at Saint John's University. Up till now, Metta world peace has played 6 teams in the national basketball association.


Awards that he gained so far

Metta world peace was the NBA champion for the year 2010. In the year 2004 Metta world peace won the NBA all-star award. In the same year, Metta world peace won All-NBA Third Team award. Again, in the same here he also won the NBA defensive player of the year award.

In the year 2000 Metta world peace for the first won the NBA All-Rookie Second Team award. He is also the recipient of the J. Walter Kennedy Citizenship award in the year 2011. In the year 1999, he got the Third-Team All-American - AP, NABC.

He also received the prestigious Haggerty Award in the year 1999. In the same year, he won the First-team All-Big East award for his spectacular performance in the game of basketball.

Metta world peace is a great player of basketball. He has played against the likes of Jordan and Shaquille O’Neal. With his game, he has captivated the audiences and has brought great interest to the game of basketball.

He is one of those characters who believes in giving back to the society and helps his fans and children. Many who aspire to become basketball players look up to him with great admiration. He truly has made a permanent place for himself in the arena of this interesting game.



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