The Syrian President Bashar Al Assad net worth is about $1.6 Billion in 2017. It is rumored over internet that he is died in a ’stroke’ this year. But, that was completely “hoax”, he is alive and living well.

Curious, How much is Kim Jong Un's Net worth in 2017? Here you will get all the answers about Kim Jong Un's Wealth and Life. Actually, Our series of world wealthiest often includes the greatest of the minds and people. In fact, the person featuring today’s edition is also quite famous and great (in some sense). He has done great things, terrible, yet great. We are sure you would be intrigued as to who is going to be this man. Well, he is Hitler reborn.

How would it feel like to be the most powerful man in the world in 2017? How much his net worth? How rich is world’s most powerful man? Well, let us tell you that the answer to this question would be best answered by the man himself, Russian President Vladimir Putin.

 Mr. Donald Trump is the new President of United States; he is too much powerful and rich as his nation. Donald Trump claims his net worth to be more than $8.7 Billion (as of 2017). And, when you will go through the survey done by us, then you will realize that even his claims hold water.