This is something about one of the greatest rappers alive has done in his career. His name is Mario Mims and you better know him has YO GOTTI. Yo Gotti has a total wealth of about $4 million (as of 2017). Having more than 27 million playlists on MySpace.

Algernod Lanier Washington, whom we know by his popular name “Plies” is a football player turned rapper and a lyricist. Rapper Plies latest calculated net worth is $14.27 Million (as of 2017). He sought refuge in music during the turn of the millennium.

Lil Wayne Net Worth

  • Updated: 05/11/2016

Looking for weezy aka Lil Wayne’s net worth? Weezy’s latest calculated wealth is a whooping amount of US $160 Million (as of 2017). We are going to examine all the major aspects which made him this fortune. But before you understand him, consider his quote.

"I don't want to be understood because if people understand me, they get tired of me."

One of the most controversial rapper Gucci Mane's has net worth of about $16 Million (as of 2017). He was too much rich sometime but his wealth has been fallen a lot. Why and how? We will discuss that in this article, but for now let we start this edition of “the richest” with a quote.

Wonder! How much is rapper Future Net Worth? Well his latest estimated net worth is 8.19 Million USD so far (as of 2017). He is simply the talk of the town. One of the most sought after rappers in the world. But for now, let’s look at future’s wealth and resources in details.

Tip aka T.I latest net worth is about $60 Million (as of 2017). T.I is a rapper, a singer, a producer, an author, a CEO…. And you will start wondering if there is anything this person, Clifford Joseph Harris Jr. doesn’t do.

Rasheeda Buckner Frost aka RaSheeda net worth is $815,000 (as of 2017), she is a multifarious business woman. She is an actor, a rapper, a fashion designer and what not. She has plied her skills in almost every sector of the glamour world. And, she has come out triumphant.

Steven Aaron Jordan also known as Stevie J net worth is $5.8 Million (as of mid 2017). Steve J was born on November 2nd, 1971 in the Buffalo province of New York; he is a noted singer, musician, music director and a lyricist. Take a look at Stevie J’s career and wealth.

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