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There was a time when people used to say that “talent and hard work” is a deadly combination and people with both these attributes are quite fortunate to have them. But, gone are the times when hard work used to be the cornerstone for one’s success.

Dr. Dre Net Worth is approx. $740 Million (as of 2017). Dr. Dre is one of the highest earning rapper in the world, according to Forbes 2017 list Dr. Dre is #3 in world’s richest rappers list.

Dr. Dre, who was born as Andre Romelle Young on February 18th, 1965, is a successful US based rapper who also tasted success as an entrepreneur and record producer. He was born in California’s Compton and was the eldest child in the family. He set up Beats Electronics and Aftermath Entertainment both of which made him quite wealthy and famous.

Dr. Dre is known for mentoring many of the contemporary and younger rapping artists such as Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar, 50 Cent and Eminem. He is known for making popular a genre of rap music called West Coast G-funk. His first foray in the music fiesta started in 1986, when he launched “Straight Outta Compton” and he garnered rave reviews with the album and commendably crossed the 3 million mark. The group he founded was named “Niggaz with Attitude”.



Dr. Dre Net Worth | Biography


dr dre net worth income biography 

 Full Name - Andre Romelle Young aka Dr. Dre

 D.O.B. - 18th February 1965

 Place of Birth - Compton, California

 Father - Theodore Young

 Mother - Verna Young

 Profession - Rapper, Lyricist, Music Composer, DJ, Entreprenuer

 Net Worth - $740 Million

 World’s Richest Rappers Ranking - #3 (By Forbes 2017) after Jay Z and P Diddy

 Official Website -


Dr. Dre's Spouse (s) + Trivia

Cassandra Joy ( Married 1981-83) - They both have a son together named Curtis Young

Lisa Johnson ( 1983-86) - They have a daughter named La Tanya Danielle Young

Jenita Porter (1987-1990) - They had a son named Andre Young Jr. who died as a result of drug overdose.

During the same period, Dr. Dre also dated fellow singer Michelle with whom he has a son named Marcel

Nicole Threatt Young (1996-present) - They have a son named Truce and a daughter named Truly.

Colleagues and Friends - Snoop Dogg, Eminem , 50 Cent, LeBron James

Favourite Holiday destination - Hawaii Islands


How much is Dr. Dre worth? and why?

Dr. Dre started his career in rapping in World Class Wreckin' Cru. Later he got success in N.W.A, a famous gangsta rap group. It was in 1992 that his solo debut The Chronic was unveiled by Death Row Records. It brought him instant fame and in 1993 Dre won a Grammy Award for “Let Me Ride". After aiding rappers like Snoop Dogg and Warren G, his step brother to get a foothold in rapping industry Dre opted for career growth.

He left Death Row Records and Aftermath Entertainment, his own label was made in 1996. It paved the way to success in his career. He went on to win six Grammy Awards and later dabbled in films too.

His stint in rapping and films has made Dr. Dre as one of the wealthiest US music artists of all times. As per latest data provided by Forbes, his net worth stands at a whopping $740 million.


Dr. Dre career in films

Like many other contemporary US music artists Dr. Dre also made forays into silver screen, even though music was and is his mainstay. He acted in Set it Off a heist flick in 1996. In 2001, he acted in 2 films, Training Day and The Wash. The latter featured one of his songs in the soundtrack. He ventured into film production in 2015 with Straight Outta Compton. Dre also said that he has desired to get into film direction in future.


Dr. Dre as an entrepreneur

Despite success in music and films, Dr. Dre did not stay confined in those sectors. He also became an entrepreneur in 2008. He launched Beats by Dr. Dre-his brand of headphones. It tasted huge success as technology behemoths like HP started offering Beats headphones with its laptops.

Apple bought Beats by Dre brand and the deal made headlines as it was worth $3 billion. This also brought instant fame to Dr. Dre, outside music industry. He has also penned a deal with the multinational brand Dr. Pepper.


His Uniqueness of music style

Throughout his successful career in the music industry, Dr De has changed his style of music production several times. He started in electro-hop style. Later he switched to what is known as the G-funk style. He has used plenty of musical instruments for his work, including classical piano, drums along with digital audio workstations and latest music software.

As per his view, he drew inspiration from the 1970s funk musicians like Curtis Mayfield, Isaac Hayes and George Clinton. He also prefers studio musicians re-produce music rather than resorting to sampling.



Dr. Dre’s Assets

One thing, we shall agree with is that if one has insane amount of money, they are bound to have certain passions for few things and a lavish home is one of them. And Dr. Dre is no different to this aspect.


Dr. Dre’s $40 Million House (California)

Dr. Dre has a huge mansion in the Woodland Hills of California. The estate is said to have a sprawling area of 14000 sq. ft.

The mansion houses 8 luxury suites in it with almost every luxury known to man. Not to miss his swimming pool and a garage where one cause house 4 cars at a time. The estate is believed to command a price of more than $40 Million.


His another Luxurious Mansion

Dr. Dre also a country seat in the Pacific coast of Hawaii Islands. Precisely, it is situated in the Malibu Coast. This is the place where Dr. Dre loves to spend his leisure time, I wonder of he gets any. This luxurious mansion commands a worth of $8 Million.


Dr. Dre’s Cars Collection

When it comes to the iron beasts, Dr. Dre has just two in is arsenal.


dr dre hummer h2 beast car

Dr. Dre's Hammer H2 Car

One is Hummer H2. This beast has a V8 Engine which can churn out a maximum bhp of 393 hp. It is a classic off roader which really suits the dynamic style of Dr. Dre. Hummer H2 hammers a price tag of $57,000.


dr dre Bentley Continental GT car

Dr. Dre's Bentley Continental GT Car

Another car which acts as a crown jewel for Dr. Dre is a Bentley Continental GT. The car is believed to be worth $298,000.


Conclusion about net worth of Dr. Dre

Well, Dr. Dre was gifted a Midas touch by God in his early age. Though, he has made himself a huge name in the world music arena, still, it is sad to say that he has been found locking horns with law at numerous times. He has been convicted of domestic violence and violence against women more than just a few times. He has also been apprehended for public brawls too.

Dr. Dre is a perfect example of how to turn iron into gold but he also is a perfect example of what money can do to you. Its all about the choices we make and we hope that Dr. Dre keeps making better choices in the future.

Now you know almost everything that you need to know about Dr. Dre’s wealth, lifestyle in his bio. But if you are still willing to know more about him, here are;


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