UFC fighter Ronda Rousey's net worth is approx. $12 Million (as of 2018). “Ronda Rousey” the name may seem a bit unfamiliar to the common folk but the people who follow Mixed Martial Arts or its other forms of fights would be very much acquainted with the name Ronda Rousey.

Ronda Rousey is an UFC,MMA fighter, a model and an actress. Apart from her name in the fighting and entertainment industry, another attribute which turns the table and eyes in her is her larger than life persona.

A former UFC Bantamweight Champion, Ronda has a record of undefeated streak of 111 and she is the first American woman to win a Bronze medal in Judo in Olympics of 2008.

Despite the fact that she has turned 31 this year, still she stands 4th in the current ranking of UFC Women. It is a testament to the fact that how gritty she is. And that is the reason she is worth $12 Million at the moment.



Ronda Rousey net worth 2018 + Career Overview  & Biography

Ronda Rousey Career Overview

Ronda was introduced to Judo by her mother when she was 11. After, she won Bronze in Olympics 2008, she was 21 and then she headed towards the more professional arena of UFC. She got huge success in UFC and that attributed to her worldwide fame and she also got a stint on the small screen.


ronda rousey net worth salary biography netwirthm 

Full Name - Ronda Jean Rousey

D.O.B. - 1st February, 1987

Profession - UFC and WWE fighter, actress, model

Height - 5 ft 6 in (1.68 m)

Weight - 135 lbs (61.2 kg)

Spouse - Travis Browne, got married on 28th August, 2017

Favourite Brands – Buffalo

Net Worth - $12 Million (as of 2018)


In fact she is quite active in WWE too. It was in 2014 when she got a head start in WWE. She appeared with Dwayne Johnson, The Rock in a match against Stephanie McMahon and Triple H.


How much is Ronda Rousey’s Net Worth in 2018?

We have discussed at large about Ronda’s career overtures but now is the time have a glance at her net worth and its potential sources.

Ronda’s latest net worth has been calculated to be around the figure of $12 Million. The figure may seem too modest for the people, but one thing that is to be kept in mind is that first of all, female fighters ironically do not get too much. And still, Ronda has torn apart the orthodox nuisances and has carved a niche for herself.



Ronda Rousey’s potential income sources

Ronda used to earn a lot through her fights in UFC but she has been off the radar quite for some time now. She used to earn to the tune of $5 Million through her fights and her sponsors.

Ronda Rousey’s Per Fight charges & Salary

It has also been reported that in her prime, she used to earn about $1 Million per fight too.

Other Earning Sources of Ronda Rousey’s wealth

Secondly, her appearances on television, whether it is in WWE or for some other show, she still gets a sizeable amount of money. It is said that her appearances garner her about $1 Million. She has also worked on the big screen in blockbuster movies like Expendables 3 and Furious 7.

The major chunk of her net worth comes from her sponsors and she has been appearing in numerous magazines too. She appeared nude for ESPN’s Body Issue in 2012. Apart from that, she has been ranked 29th in the world’ hottest women, in a poll done by the Maxim. Her such ventures earn her about $3 Million.


Ronda Rousey Assets

Ronda currently has two manses under her signature. Additionaly, she is not a big fan of cars but she owns two cars for her personal use,

Ronda Rousey’s House

One of her house is in Venice where she currently lives. The house is said to be consisting of 4 bedrooms with an in-house gym and MMA practice arena too.

ronda rousey house

Ronda Rousey's House in Venice!

The mansion is named to be Baller’s Mansion and is said to cost her about $3 Million. The property is said to be situated near Hollywood Hills.

Another of her house is in her hometown, Riverside which is again in California only. The property is not that extravagant and is said to house 3 bedrooms in it and cost Ronda about $800,000.


Ronda Rousey Car Collection

Ronda had a Honda Accord LX, a car which she loved to the core but sold her.

ronda rousey corvette stingray car

Ronda's Corvette Stingray - Worth $55,555

Currently, she owns a red Corvette Stingray which cost her $55,555.This car is pure red.


ronda rousey chevrolet traverse car

Ronda's Chevrolet Traverse Car - Worth $45,000

She also owns one Chevrolet Traverse which is said to be worth $45,000.



Conclusion about net worth of Ronda Rousey!

Ronda Rousey’s lucky time came to a very brutal end on November 16, 2015 when Holly Holm easily defeated her.  Rousey earned about $14.5 million as prize money, PPV money, and endorsements. Her total estimated wealt as of 2018 is approx. $12 Million and she is willing back to the ring. What more to say she is a born fighter and soon she might prove this.

Right now that’s all we currently have about Ronda Rousey’s wealth, income, assets, cars, house and her biography. Keep enjoying our other celebrities net worth and biographies as well.

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Love him or hate him but this is the fact that Roman Reigns net worth is as huge as him. The estimated net worth of Roman is approx. $3.8 Million (as of 2017). Roman Reigns is a popular WWE player and superstar and is an American professional wrestler.

He also goes by his birth name, Leati Joseph "Joe" Anoaʻi. He was also a player of the Canadian football team. He signed with WWE with the ring name of Roman Reigns and he got popular across the world with the same name. Roman Reigns is not only a good wrestler, but he has also won the WWE Heavy Weight Championship.



Roman Reigns Net Worth + Biography

Roman Reigns is known to be a half Samoan and a half Italian. Both his father as well as his brother was known to be professional wrestlers. He also happens to the cousin of well-known wrestlers Yokozuna, Rikishi, Umaga, The Tonga Kid, and The Rock.


 roman reigns net worth income biography

Full Name - Leati Joseph Anoaʻi

Date of Birth - May 25, 1985

Birth Place - Pensacola, Florida, United States

Height - 6' 3" (191 cm.)

Weight - 122 kg

Education - Georgia Institute of Technology

Occupation - Former Football Player, Professional Wrestler

Income Source - Wrestling

Marital Status - Married to (Galina Joelle Becker)

Children - 1 (Joelle)

Net Worth - $3.8 Million (As of 2017)



Leati Joseph "Joe" Anoaʻi aka Roman Reigns was born in the year 1985 on the 25th of May in the Pensacola City of the State of Florida. He played his first ever WWE match on September 9th 2010. There was no looking back for this champion from then on and he went on to win many titles and accolades and performed in a number of WWE Championships.


Breakdown of Roman Reigns Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Roman Reigns is about $3.8 Million in 2017. In some places it is said to be $180 thousand or $3.3 Million too. But after analyzing the real things we’ve found that his total wealth is about $3.8 Million.

He also happens to be very few of those wrestlers who have earned so much in tenure of just seven years. As a wrestler who played his first WWE Championship match in the year 2010, Roman Reigns have taken the ring by storm every time he steps in.


Roman Reigns Income and Salary Chart!

Daily Income USD 5,753.00
Weekly Income USD 40,384.00
Monthly Income USD 175,000.00
Annual Income USD 2,100,000.00



Wealth Resources of Roman Reigns

The main source of income of Roman Reigns is through WWE Championship games. He also earns good through the winning and other kinds of bonuses. His approximate earnings through endorsements in the year 2017 is estimated to be $1 Million. After winning the title in 2016 his salary suddenly raised to $2.1 Million. But due to his 1 month suspension he actually lost half of his annual salary.


Roman Reigns Early Career

Before Roman Reigns started with wrestling, he used to play football for Pensacola Catholic High School and Escambia High School. He was also named as the Defensive player by the News Journal of Pensacola. Roman Reigns debuted for wrestling in the year 2010 along with Seth Rollins.

They were a team and were known as “The Shield” where they won the prestigious WWE Tag Team Championship. He has also set a record of eliminating 12 wrestlers in the Royal Rumble of the year 2015.


Roman Reigns appearances in Movies/ WWE and Television

WWE 24 – Documentary 2016
Countdown – Film 2016
Total Divas – Television 2013
Conan – Television 2015
Good Morning America - Television 2016
WWE 24 - Documentary 2015
Unfiltered – Interview Show 2016


Roman Reigns House and Family



Roman Reigns Nick Names

  • The Big Dog
  • First Class
  • The Guy
  • The Juggernaut
  • The Enforcer/Muscle of The Shield
  • The Powerhouse
  • The Thoroughbred


Roman Reigns Accolades

The popular WWE Champion has a number of titles to his honor. Let us have a look at some of them.

Title Year
Most Hated Wrestler of the Year 2016
Most Improved Wrestler of the Year 2015
Tag Team of the Year 2013
Ranked No. 1 of the top 500 singles wrestlers 2016
Breakout Star of the Year 2013
Extreme Moment of the Year 2015
Faction of the Year 2013 / 2014
Superstar of the Year 2014




Roman Reigns is undoubtedly the most popular and the best among the WWE Champions and will continue to be so for many more years to come. He is talented but due to some of his bad words or works people also hate him, but maybe this will not affects him or his upcoming performances. Now, finally you now know that how much is Roman Reigns worth? And why?

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